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91 pieces
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  1. gurra6:38
  2. Nyfiken6:52
  3. Buick19557:01
  4. ksbman7:23
  5. mistressstar7:37
  6. Matt_W7:52
  7. theo00028:33
  8. unclemike8:36
  9. Wrw8:47
  10. Herrchen_Chris8:51


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I got it and sent you a reply


I just sent a test email


Sure. I kind of had a feeling that's what happened. My gmail is:


Moving can be fun but also stressful and horrible too
I hope it all go's well for you
He is fine )
I dont have any puzzles now as the Jigidi police took them all down and will block me if we post any fun ones again
But I do have an email that we can chat thru
its a g-mail account if you want to try that and also the MM chat


Things are kind of crazy right now, what with getting ready to go move in with my daughter Barb and her fiancee. They have a 5br house. But once that's done later this month, and I get settled, we can start doing that again. How's Thomas btw?


I miss sharing them with you too


@mistressstar, you are very welcome. I miss doing your special puzzles


Great puzzle, thanks for sharing

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