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Poolside - Wagyu chuck roast, ghost pepper aioli, onion, bell pepper, jalapeño, Havarti cheese on a brioche bun

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  4. ARCHITECT8180:36
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There are both Japanese Wagyu (original) and American Wagyu cattle ranches. From what I understand, it is very difficult to tell the difference. We (USA) for once did a good job copying the Japanese.


I wouldn't, that's for sure! I don't know all these spicy foods. Maybe that's why it's breakfast next to the pool.

The only things I'd touch are the Havarti and the brioche (onions if they're cooked). Is Wagyu Japanese, like Kobe, or is it Mongolian or something? I'm learning about foods on a puzzle site with dj as a tutor.


Who in the world would ruin a Wagyu beef sandwich with ghost peppers and jalapenos. Ghost peppers are one of the hottest in the world!!! :-)) dj


That would go perfect with a Heineken. I'll have one.

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