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  1. Camelot2:04
  2. Huggorm2:25
  3. indftw022:28
  4. tullamore2:30
  5. swimbee2:33
  6. stones2:43
  7. rockbit2:43
  8. serenity2:47
  9. Helstedgaard2:48
  10. troutmma2:48


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Always happy to ''see'' here & of course your great puzzles too. One fave for today for me and that's the *Bottom Middle*. Many thanks again, June (♥‿♥)


Yippee! It's good to see you June. And thanks for bringing one of your lovely puzzles with you. I'm proud to say that I've been solving your beautiful kaleidos for around 9 years now. Longer than the join date on my profile would indicate - because I was solving without a profile in the year before that. But one day, I just felt that I couldn't keep solving without saying thank you to the puzzle makers a moment longer. So I created a profile. And I also need to say thank you for being ny original inspiration/muse for making my own kaleidos, which has led to me making all kinds of different styles of puzzles now. You have been very influential in my short-lived creative life, June. ❤


Hi June. We missed celebrating your 11th Jigidi anniversary last Saturday. Congratulations . You've been making and solving puzzles for so much longer than most of us. This is a lovely one too. I favor the top right, the center and the bottom middle. Thanks for providing such wonderful puzzles for so long. Hugs.


Fun puzzle, as always!
I missed seeing you a couple of days. I went to your profile to see if I missed your puzzles. Did you know you've been a jigidi member for almost exactly 11 years!? I'm impressed!

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