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Ferdy - it's raining...

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... so I'm resting but she's put those silly curtains on my chair...
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  1. djm1113:32
  2. DeDonder3:44
  3. Impie3:55
  4. soo4:03
  5. thebetterhalf5:15
  6. canalview5:18
  7. Kayell5:39
  8. Isobel20055:49
  9. Lowmil5:56
  10. Hazelshell6:25


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Well Ferdy, I hope you didn't get the same rain as us today. There was lightening and thunder and such heavy rain it was bouncing on the patio, so I went and hid in mum's wardrobe cupboard.
Love Tisket xx


Oh yes, you are a very handsome lad, Ferdy. I'm sure everyone agrees. Enjoy your nap (in spite of the curtains) and perhaps the rain might be gone when you wake up. ♥☺♥


We didn't send you rain Ferdy ... honest. We have had torrential rain today but kept it to ourselves ♥ P.S. Milly & Willow think you look rather handsome resting on your chair xx




He really prefers them hanging in the open doors so he can chew the ends, Impie... Way too wet and windy here today for that, though!

Message to Whoever is Responsible for the rain: Thank you, that was lovely - garden is watered now. Can you turn it off again, please?


Actually I think it doesn't look silly at all Ferdy and you can still have a rest in your chair.

BTW....I wonder who's responsible for sending us the rain, I certainly didn't ask for it but we had loads of it too last night. Luckely today the sun is back again. Hope the sun will be back for you soon too.
hugs for you & Sophie from Goofie x x

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