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182_4239 Tetratheca thymifolia, Black-eyed Susan, Tremandraceae

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"Grows in open forests and woodlands of eastern New South Wales and southern Queensland.
Tetratheca...meaning "with four cases", referring to the pollen sacs
thymifolia....leaves like the culinary herb, thyme
Tetratheca thymifolia is reasonably common in cultivation. It is a small shrub to about 50 cm in height with many erect branches. The leaves occur in rings of three to five, are hairy on the upper surface and about 10 mm long. The mauve flowers occur singly on long, thin peduncles (stalks) from the leaf axils and, like other members of the genus, hang like bells. The flowers have 4 petals and 8 stamens. White flowered forms of T.thymifolia are not uncommon and flowering time is late winter through spring."
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Hello yannay! Glad I could give another native to find!!!


Hi Kate, another shrub to look for in the bush. Thanks.

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