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Carbon Emissions per Country 2014

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Facts, not feelings...
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"The whole world should be ashamed" best comment yet. Except maybe all those subsistence farms run mostly by hand or animal labour for the last many millennia should get an exemption. Sadly those hardest hit by drought, etc, will be those least to blame.


Tiny little Japan must be a nightmare of carbon emissions! The whole world should be ashamed over what we're doing to the planet's atmosphere. ''Progress'' is rarely a good thing.


...nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail...


Yep, predictability has gone out the window. When I was growing up in North Carolina, the last rumble of thunder was in late September and we wouldn't hear it again until April. This even held true in New Orleans where I was stationed from 1965-1966. Now, thunderstorms show no favoritism to the calendar.


ugh, let's ditch the malls altogether... I hate 'em! almost as much as I hate shysters who capitalise on anything by selling snake-oil, whether it's all-natural cures for cancer, or climate change solutions. Stick 'em in the broiling hot mall parking lots....

We've seen the same here, too, Jerry, over the years. This year is an exception - snow in the high country today, and the larches haven't even had time to turn. But 4 of the last 6 summers have been the hottest on record.

Climate change is not just about warming but about unpredictability and changing behaviour (like hurricanes that park themselves when they make landfall, tearing everything apart while dropping hours of torrential rain, instead of sweeping by like they are supposed to do).

Ugh, I see snow on the hills across the lake, and we don't even have the apple and grape harvests in yet. Fluky, unpredictable... welcome to the new normal (there is no 'normal' any more).

Friends of mine have just set off to sail across the Pacific, today - a trip I plan to do in the future. Time was you could count on ocean currents, and stormy weather (including deadly storms at sea like hurricanes) to behave according to the season. Now it's all over the place... and brings a real element of uncertainty and risk that didn't exist before.

I wish I could send some of this cold weather your way - freezing temperatures in the forecast, first frost on Tuesday morning.


About real solutions - how about we do away with black asphalt which I believe is one of the worst heat polluters of all time. I think the black asphalt in a mall parking lot generates far more heat than the vehicles that pass through it.


This is a good graphic and much more informative than the other one.
Now about global warming - which I prefer the term "climate change":
I have now been in one place long enough to observe changes in my local climate. After I first moved to Texas in 1984, I would look forward to September because the first breath of cool autumn air would move in around the 2nd week of the month. This year, September is nearly over and on our coolest day of the month, we only got up to 89F. Every other day has been 90 or higher. And despite that we have already lost an hour and 45 minutes of daylight in the evenings, the nights still haven't cooled down into the 60s yet. October has become the new September. Climate change is REAL and I have seen the evidence.
My distrust is in political shysters who are trying to capitalize on USELESS solutions to the problem. I am totally onboard with REAL solutions.
And I commend you, Mazy, on your efforts towards lowering your carbon footprint!


Are you suggesting that the US has not been the biggest polluter in history? you don't believe that, even though it has been the biggest manufacturer for so long? I don't believe scientists are getting kickbacks to lie about global warming, that would be a very expensive hoax. And to what end?

On the other hand, there are a lot of VERY wealthy people out there who have a lot to gain by discrediting climate change and keeping the status quo.

Ever heard of Occam's Razor? It states that of any given set of explanations for an event occurring, the simplest one is most likely the correct one.

That said:

if it's a lie and we clean up our act, we have clean air.

if it's true and we don't clean up our act, we die.

What, exactly, is debatable about this?

What are YOUR facts, mefmouse? mine are that the time I've spent in large US and Chinese cities showed me the appalling levels of pollution out there, and someone has to change that. If only for the sake of those people living in those cities.

My facts are, I buy second hand items, I reuse my own things rather than replace them, I keep my vehicle tuned up and tire pressure good, I tend to drive very little, I accept a warmer home in summer and a colder home in winter, I don't eat meat every day and never as a huge chunk, I use less dairy, I recycle, I choose to avoid purchasing items that are heavily packaged, I turn off lights in rooms I'm not in, etc.

I'm not sure what you mean by self fulfilling prophecy in this context, but I sense you are very emotionally charged over this topic, and I'm not sure that venting at me is the way to deal with that.


Who's facts???

The "scientists" that get $$$ for research that shows "we're all going to die"?
self fulfilling prophecy???


for @mefmouse and @radiojerry - the other half of the puzzle I posted yesterday.

I've been to China, and I've been to the states, and I've seen pretty awful air quality in both places.

So I am unsure what the China bashing is for... if the US population was 318.6 million in 2014, and the Chinese population was 1.364 billion, or 4 times as much as the US, then the fact that they contributed only twice the C02 emissions that the states did makes them look better than the US.

I might also point out that China's a developing country, and as such, has only recently become the largest polluter. Everyone there wants to own their own car too, but they don't, and never will, because China is developing an infrastructure of rail and transit instead of focussing on serving a society where everyone drives a car.

Who has been the biggest polluter over the course of history? wild guesses?

Also, China is naughty because they have refused to agree to aim for Carbon neutrality. Guess who else has consistently thwarted a fair and globally binding climate agreement? Glass houses, stones.

My series here was not intended to be a politically charged commentary. It's about recognising facts, and the damage we are doing to our planet, and making individual efforts to reduce the damage we do. So instead of pointing the finger at others, what can YOU do to help reduce the US emissions numbers? because griping about how much pollution China is producing doesn't change anything.

Here are some facts and graphs that might help channel your feelings into a direction that helps:

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