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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 100 (Winterland)

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Just like old tyme (must be old, with that spelling) serials, we left with a cliffhanger concerning the Two New Years Eve Posters of San Francisco, 1967... We found out, on poster 99, of the line up at the Winterland for December 26 - 28, 1967. This poster, which I think should be called 99A, but it's too late to change things now, lists the four bands chosen/forced/doomed/blackmailed to play twelve hours into the start of a new year. The other bands finished their sets, picked up their checks, and set out to par-tay like normal humans. Or they went home, turned on the TV and sat down with the cat to watch Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year... we may never know. People start smelling smoky and over-boozed around 3:30AM, getting grabby and sloppy around 5, and by 7, you want them GONE. Have you ever seen who's still hangin' around at last call? Picture that in bright sunlight... I hope my eyes never have to witness that.

Well, I guess our visit to 1967's Summer-of-Love, first 100 Bill Graham posters (Fillmore and otherwise) is coming to a close - but I got more! So much more... I'm gonna regret starting this... there are gazillions... they never end... it's like they have poster-babies behind my back... so many... oops... sorry. Time marches on. I gave you two - TWO - posters... That should be enough for you holiday blowout.

"I've got blisters on me fingers!"

Jefferson Airplane -

Big Brother and the Holding Company -

I may have used this song before, it's just so damn good...

Quicksilver Messenger Service -

Freedom Highway -
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  1. gaiagirl1:48
  2. Hollo2:07
  3. surre552:12
  4. BONAGA2:15
  5. LSW2:17
  6. octhomasad2:22
  7. Myah2:43
  8. CuriousGeorge3:01
  9. Returner3:37
  10. knitbug764:03


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Yeah... you noticed that, huh? I thought I'd be sneaky, no one would notice... I deleted the third puzzle because the date was wrong - the third poster was the above, but the concert was NYE 1969. That's what prompted me contacting the poster company - I was sure it was a typo. Bonnie used the above design again - two years later - listing different bands for LA. I would have shown up two years early for Lee Michaels, and after all that hitch hiking!! So, if we're all still alive in two years and I can remember, the poster will magically reappear.

Don't be creeped out - I thought you wanted to disappear. I'd prefer you didn't, but I cannot stand between a man and his destiny. Songs would just show up and I'd wonder "Where have I heard that before?" and then, "Have I heard that before?" followed by "Why can't I stop hearing that?" and "Dear God, MAKE IT STOP!"


"Has anyone here seen the old Fillmore puzzle?
Can you tell me where it's gone?
You know, it freed a lot of beagles
but it seems the good die young, yeah.
I just looked around and it was gone."

I could have sworn you posted three puzzles this morning.... where'd it go? Should I report a kidnapping? Do we have to wait 24 hours before we file a missing puzzle report? This is kinda creepy. What if I disappeared next? Who would be left to annoy all the Jigidians? Or what if you disappeared? The world would lose one of the great minds of our time. This is beyond creepy... this is scary.... where's my teddy bear?


As any sane person should be!


I'd be asleep in some corner somewhere.

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