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Pick and Eat Salad

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Growing on my windowsill.
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  2. Dilubreuer1:20
  3. diannez1:25
  4. Shian21:36
  5. mapletree1:36
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  9. laskadog12:07
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I agree, Francine. I'm so glad Ed decided to get the pots in the first place!

Almost the same as we did, Lunie. But I got two more pots, and with 4 pots of lettuce and Ed going to the farmers market to get other good things so the lettuce has a day or two rest before we invade it again, we have made it last now for 6 weeks.


Tried this before, right on our dining table...but after several days we depleted the two pots, all leaves gone to our stomach. Thanks for the reminder Jacki.


What a great idea.


How wonderful! And too bad about the drought! Thanks, You're helping strengthen my resolve to keep this garden growing!


I planted some red lettuce years ago and some of it went to seed. My son scattered the seeds all over and I had lettuce every year for quite a while until a drought killed them off.


Same here, Ardy, even with two of us. Especially when they pack Romaine lettuce in 3 head bags! And this window is south facing. Perfect for growing things in the winter! Thanks, and ♡hugs


Wow. Great idea. Especially this year. I'm apprehensive about fresh greens from the store. Besides I seldom manage to use a whole head of lettuce. Several times I've had a bit of trouble buying bags of mixed greens supposedly washed. Too many times I've had a bit of a tummy problem so quit getting those. Thanks, Jacki. ♥Hugs♥


I agree. I think I'll plant more when these quit, and keep a supply going during next winter.


Great idea


I agree, Shirley. Ed brought them back from the Farmer's Market. It's lovely to just pull some leaves off it each day around dinner time, one bowl of lettuce, then add a few diced salad veggies and some dressing and voila, that part of dinner is taken care of.

Beth, I hadn't thought about the hotter weather problem. Yes, I see no reason these won't keep going even when (or IF) we ever get some hotter weather! Thanks!


Good way to keep lettuce going in hotter weather. :))


Fabulous idea Jacki, to always have fresh salad greens.


Very handy. ;-)

You're welcome, Mary. I like that it keeps growing instead of wilting in the refrigerator if you don't have a salad on any given day.


My kind of garden. I like it. Thanks, Mary


I'm glad we have them!

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