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Also known as "Weeping Tree Dahlia".
This is a new species discovered in the Mexican State of Oaxaca! It's white and purple blooms dangle gracefully like silk handkerchiefs! At over 7 inches across, these flowers may be the largest of all naturally-occurring Dahlia species! It grows to about 8 feet tall, with enormous tubers that can grow 1.5 feet long. This plant blooms in September in the wild but in other areas can bloom in October or early November! The blossoms are pure white with lovely purple centers, which become bright orange after the petals drop! This plant was found at about 6000 feet elevation in Mexico, where the climate is mild all year long and nights are cool! Their flower clusters should be protected from frost in Autumn!
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Hello Laura, how was your weekend? I'm very happy that you like this Dahlia, there will be more flowers to come, so keep an eye out! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Very lovely, Moncia! Thank you!


Hi there Ank! Thanks so much for dropping by my friend! I'm so happy that you liked this Dahlia!


Chookies- Believe me I understand where your coming from as we have very hot, sweltering summers without rain here in Vegas too! It gets up to 118(F) here and sometimes even higher! I've always wanted to visit Australia, with all of its beautiful scenery! I guess that will be happening during the winter months now that I know how hot it gets there! Chookies, if you ever feel the need to talk, I'm up most hours as I very rarely ever sleep! I have Fibromyalgia, and because of it I lose a lot of sleep and end up spending many, many hours on jigidi! L.O.L. It's a good thing I love jigidi so very much! It's been really nice talking to you too Chookies, hope you had a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing from you again, take care...Hugs


Beautiful Monica, I never saw this before.


Hi Monica - it's chookies here and I have been off-line for a couple of days and I've only just noticed that you commenting on one of my puzzles asking whether it was my house. Oh, how I would love it to be, but alas, I live in Australia where we don't get snow (except in the Australian high mountains of Victoria) and this is in the middle of our summer where, at the moment, we are sweltering under high temperatures and humid weather. The past few days we've been experiencing +104(F) and I can't remember the last time it rained to cool both ourselves and our gardens off. We have our fingers crossed that we will get some in the next day or two but we're not counting on it. If you look back at some of my puzzles you will find a lot of snow puzzles I've posted - I'm just trying to cool myself down!
Thanks for dropping my and solving my puzzles Monica as I often see your name appear and I do appreciate your comments. I would dearly love to solve more puzzles than I do but I post mine at 4.30am in order to see you all and then my day begins at 8am - when I return late afternoon, most of my jigidi friends are sound asleep!
It's been so nice talking to you Monica and I'll try to catch up with you more often. Hugs.


So sorry Graciela, I didn't see your comment! Until now, I'd never seen these flowers before either! I'm so happy that you liked them! Thanks so much for commenting on theses little lovelies!


Well hello there my good friend, how are you doing gnt? Hope your having a great weekend! Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment, that makes me feel so good about what I am doing! If only a few take the time to read what I have written about these flowers and learn from them, than I feel that I have accomplished what I was after! Thank you for being one of those precious few! You are a good friend to have! :)))


Beautiful Monica, I've never seen these ones before!


great pic monica I really enjoy seeing all the flowers U post as many of them are new to me and the effort U put in to tell about them that makes them even better for me...U have great sets and I applaud U for it all....... :))))


Sandy- Good morning to you too! Glad that you like these Dahlias, thanks so much for commenting on them!

Anitas- Thanks so much!

Denise- Your right, they do look like a hat, I hadn't noticed that before! It makes me really happy to offer something new and unusual to everyone, as I do love learning new things every day too! Thanks so much for saying so Denise! It's good to know that it was worth all of the time and energy it took to research and write it all down! So, you are quite welcome my friend!


Beautiful Dahlias, never seen them before, I love the way they are curved like a hat. We learn a lot on Jigidi. Thank you soooo much Monica.:-)


These really are beautiful


Good morning Moncia! These are beautiful Dahlias! Thank you for posting.

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