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Yesterday's hatchlings

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No, not a farm Willy but I'm on 10 acres and have 4 coops plus two small ones for chicks. They are all outside except for this group which is in my family room.


Wow...are they all outside?. Are you living on a farm??


That's a question you never ask a crazy chicken lady Willy. lol. I don't really know. Do you mean chickens (about 35-40) or chicks 16 I think.


Another bunch of little ones. How many do you have now??


Thanks everyone for your comments. These guys are doing well this morning even though that centre one had a rough start. Didn't hatch on it's own and took 12 hours till it managed to get on it's feet. Today they are already eating and drinking and sleeping a lot. The first group of 7 are now outside in my tiny coop. I had been taking them in and out every day but for the last two nights I've left them without a heat lamp and they seem fine. They sleep huddled in a big pile and keep each other warm. I really want to hang on to those two brownish ones just to see what colour they turn out to be.


They are all cute, adorable and very pretty! Thanks Edie. Fingers crossed you have a high proportion of girls among them.


Hello pretty babies. Welcome to the world of Jigidi where you will be adored and followed like celebrities!!! Thanks, Edie. Hope all is well with you.


Very sweet! :-))))))))))))


Welcome, new little fluff balls!! :-)


They are differently colored from the ones before, was just thinking if they were different...


Little fluff balls of cuteness!


Thanks Barb. So far from the Orpingtons that I didn't sell I've had only two girls and 4 boys. I'd like a couple of more girls for myself.


Edie, they are adorable!!! Right now it looks like 3 white and 3 dark. Hope there are lots of little girls here. :-))


No I still have the last 7 Ardy. I didn't want to let the two standards go by themselves and anyone interested didn't want bantams so I never posted them. Now I'm already suspecting the two standards are both roos but it's early and I could be wrong. I think these are all Orpingtons but I do have the 3 old girls which aren't so anything is possible. I've never had any with the colour of the two at the back. They're kind of brownish and I have nothing in that colour so I'm guessing they'll be changing.


So sweet, Edie. Will you be selling these? What about the last batch, were you able to sell them? Are these mixed breed? Thanks. Love the babies.

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