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$10 Laptop bag $30 pet bed

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  1. evielou0:11
  2. ljcowles0:14
  3. racoonstar0:14
  4. Watchman0:15
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  8. rootbeer80:17
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LOL Don't think he has to go that far. Just carrying it around should do the trick. Interesting idea though. :)

So the human should sleep in the cat bed before he gives it to the cat?-------------------------Molly

More than likely, Wendy. TY. :)


Isn't that the way??? Probably would have settled for an old box! ........Wendy

Think it is the smell of the human on the bag that attracts the cat as, 6tc said. :)


Laptop bag smells like its humans, bed bed doesn't - no contest. :)

Cute!!! I buy mpp's theory!!! ; ))



Good thinking, mpp. :)


You're not doing anything with the cat bed so who cares, but you MIGHT use the laptop and that means kitty is ignored - unacceptable!

Hadn't thought of that. Possible.

might be the smell...ours did the same thing, tried it out and then went back to the living room furniture...Sherry :)))

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