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Ebony on zafu cushion - 2020/11

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Ebony often sits or lies on the orange cloth on the floor. The cloth was moved to the zafu cushion, so Ebony is now sitting there. Behind him is the carrier that we've never succeeded in getting him in. When he's relaxed, Ebony will let my partner pick him up and hold him for a few seconds. But no way will he be put into the carrier, nor will he go there on his own.
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Such a beautiful boy, all the best getting him acclimated to being with you inside. Meow!

It all takes time and patients.

We love all our cats, but it's Ebony who has had the most special place in our hearts from the very beginning, in spite of the challenges. He is now quite bonded with my partner, sometimes sleeps between us, lets me touch him in some situations, and cuddles with me in bed sometimes. And yesterday my partner picked him up and held him for maybe 10 seconds. Progress!

In the past we tried putting his food in the carrier, but he'd just go hungry rather than go in and eat. He needs to feel very safe to eat, and that includes being fed at a distance from the other cats, being guarded to keep them from stealing his food, and no distractions. But some of the things we tried in the past to get him into the carrier might have a chance now, so it's time to start trying things again.

Limosa, wishing you success in getting Noor comfortable in her carrier. -Patsy


What a beauty he is! Ferals can be a challenge, but he found himself a lovely home with you.

Noor disliked the carrier I brought her home in. Lately I've started putting her food puzzles inside the carrier so she'll grow comfortable inside it, which works rather well. Hopefully that will keep her from getting too stressed from vet visits in the future.

I'm sorry you had such a hard time with your kitty, I think that once they are feral there will always be a part of them that will stay that way.
He probably didn't like being restricted to where he could go and being a new place that didn't help either I would imagine. Ferals are probably more touchy and freek out more easily. I had a feral once, he had marked so much of the house, I had the carpets cleaned and vacuumed really good before he got here but I think he could smell my other kitty that had passed a few months before. But at any rate feral or not they all need love, attention, and a good home with some one that will take good care of them.

What you're describing sounds more like stubbornness and normal resistance, but paints a funny picture. Ebony panics and claws and bites as he struggles. And he's still quite strong.

He was once feral and is still what's known as a shy cat, but no longer severely so. Somebody from the rescue organization somehow delivered him to our spare bedroom from his foster home. A week or so later, we wanted to transfer him to an adjacent bedroom which was to become our catroom for new arrivals. We closed doors we didn't want him to go through and blocked the stairway with a mattress, then tried to steer him into the other room. He panicked, scratched me, and bit my partner through the thumbnail, but we finally prevailed. Next came a nighttime trip to a drop-in medical centre for bandaging for both and an antibiotic for my partner. Maybe we aren't assertive enough thanks to memories of that experience. Or maybe we should just pick him up and set him down more often as a first step.

I dont think I have ever known a kitty to like the carrier, once I had to help a neighbor get her cat in the carrier, he would put all legs out to the side so he couldn't get in but we did prevail.


What a beautiful cat!

Ebony is like a "sultan" on his cushion. His Majesty is gorgeous and serious about the dreaded carrier behind. The problem with cats is that they only do what they want to.
That"s why I like their company so much.

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18 October 2020 - 25 October 2017
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