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For Suzy

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Further down the driveway
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You're very welcome, GG. Thank you for popping by. :))) the very bottom of the road you turn to the left for the garage, and then walk down to the house. Last week they were wondering what to do with all their snow...the snow blower can't throw it high enough over the banks lining the pathway...they are going to have to hand shovel from now on. :( I still wish we were there riding out this crisis together. :)


What a spectacular view, Gemstone. Thanks for sharing!!


You're very welcome, Jillian. Sorry for the delay in answering but we were travelling all day Friday...and unpacking, doing laundry, returning suitcases and down jackets to storage, etc. for the past two days. :)))


@lelabugosi hey that’s cool, thanks for letting me know, absolutely no problem at all, I hardly ever do a tag and when I do I don’t expect a ‘jump too’ anyway (and no wasn’t wondering as my memory not that good lol)



I did see the puzzle you called me over to a few weeks ago, but it's a user I don't engage with, so didn't thank you there (in case you were wondering).


What an amazing sight, thanks for the great photo Faye.


I fully understand, Impie...and it can be a bit disconcerting in windy weather as it's trees like these that come down on the power lines. My sister and BIL have solar panels and a generator that they can switch to but there are others who can't.


It makes for a beautiful winter scene and I admitt it looks great, but I'm glad we don't have snow overhere (yet) :-))


Thank you, Ardy. Off for brekkie now and then gearing up for today's session...another 8-10 inches since yesterday. :)))


Happy New Year, Faye and family. Snow is lovely to look at as long as it is not out my window.


Heh heh...we'll send you some! 25 cm this morning that we cleared...three hours later there was another 10-15 which continued to grow to at least another 25 cm...and more tonight! Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow. ;D

And I wish you and yours a wonderful 2020, too...and that goes for Jim, Matt, Cookie, Mr. Biscuit, the chowdren...and everyone else you love! Happiest of New Years to you all! ❤️


╔═══════❃ﻬ❧️❄️☙ﻬ❃ ═══════╗
❄️❃***❃ Happy New Year ❃***❃❄️
╚═══════❃ﻬ❧️❄️☙ﻬ❃ ═══════╝

From tropical Burlington, no snow here...


Thank you, lela...we have about five more hours to go...but I hope you and Mrs. B. started off 2020 with a bang...or at least a "pop"...and I hope the rest of the year brings you both good health, wealth, and happiness upon happiness. ❤️❤️❤️


╔═══════❃ﻬ❧️❄️☙ﻬ❃ ═══════╗
❄️❃***❃ Happy New Year ❃***❃❄️
╚═══════❃ﻬ❧️❄️☙ﻬ❃ ═══════╝


I'm sure your dad would have loved it here, dad always did...being in places like this satisfies the soul. ❤️


My Dad taught me to be careful in the woods with snow on the trees. He and I both really enjoyed a nice walk in the woods.


And one along the shoreline came crashing down on the neighbours dock a few weeks ago. Down at the other end of the lake a few of these trees have an eagle's nest perched atop.

They also lost a number of them to the pine beetle epidemic about 7-8 years ago.


Your trees reach up to the heavens!!!



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