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mr kitten keeping my chair nice and warm.

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Sorry, Trish - I missed your note in February! Came across Casper again, and he's just so beautiful. So sorry to hear what he went through. How dreadful. I'd have screamed the place down. Glad you had some wonderful time with him.


you can see him all grown up here:

Hi bierbau -- sorry, i missed your note. i didn't scroll down far enough. glad you all like my kitty!


oh my niccolino, i had to look up ME. so sorry to learn about that. it doesn't sound like fun, but it does sound like you are coping well now, i hope! mr kitten was born down the block from me at a house that seems to perpetually have a new litter playing in the yard. so i rescued two. this one is a red or flame point, his sister was a lynx point siamese expression. she came to an untimely end, falling from a tree branch into the eager jaws of our next door neighbor's boxers and blood hound and briefly became a doggie football. this meant that he had to live indoors. he was pretty wild, but i have gentled him up a lot. i had a cat that would kill for yogurt! for his birthday every year i would get him his very own yogurt, chicken guts, and an ear of corn which i cut off the kernels for him. he was a trash monger, and i finally figured out, he loved corn. he was hysterical with his shaking the cobs, and so i made him a very happy cat with this.

i am glad you and warbler enjoyed my sweet baby! i will ask him if he would like to come over to play, as long as he is home for bedtime, warbler! ;)


Great photo of a handsome prince, Trish. He can come visit anytime.


What a cutie pie! I had a black cat called Moyshe who just hated me to hold him - I tried for 5yrs until he passed away. He loved my husband though and would lay up his chest and stick his nose in his ear - it was obscene lol! He only liked me if I had a pot of yogurt in my hand - he loved it and would stick his head right in the pot to get the last bits! He didn't like to be held, but he always liked to be with me - he would sit with me in any room in the house, but the moment I picked him up he would start swearing at me and wouldn't stop til i put him back down. He kept me company for the first 5yrs I had my M.E. relapse so I was very grateful to have him as most days I couldn't get out of bed let alone leave the house. I miss all my cats who have gone on. I've never had a cream cat... yet! Thanks for posting.


i think he was about 6-8 months here. he will be 3 on march 24th, so it was a while back. i have his grown up picture on here a long while back. he is such a dear, but he doesn't care to be held. sigh. and of course, i would just love to hug him all the time. no dice, mommie! look, but don't hold. thanks for dropping by Robyn!
Yes Healer, he is my fur bear alright! he was indoor outdoor, until someone decided to shoot him with a bb in his thigh january a couple of years ago. since then, his life's ambition is to escape captivity. rarely does he succeed. :)


He looks a real sweetie Trish!! How old is he?


Beautiful fur baby!


thank you guys for noticing! he is such a sweetie pie. and he has an amazing sense of humor. he chases me, hides and pops out to play. loves to roll around on the floor, his feet one way, his arms and head the other. i do hope to get a shot of that. comedy cat!


Trish, your kitty is beautiful!


What a sweet little face. I just love him.

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