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"Skeleton" of a pink Hydrangea flower...

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Whilst tyding up my front garden I found this flower "skeleton" under my Hydrangea plant. Nature is really fascinating!
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Thanks all, yes Marilyn, Anne, Faye and Ella, it would be a lovely delicate brooch,(in Dutch it's broche but I didn't ran it through Google☺☺) but like Marilyn I wear casual cloth these days and the brooch on a T-shirt isn't very charming so it would end up in a box.... that would be a shame. :))


This would be fun to look at under a microscope. Yes gold plated it would make a lovely brooch.


Google Real Leaf Jewelry to see examples of leaves dipped in gold. I think Impie's brooch idea is a very good idea.


You wouldn't need to "create" it, could gold plate it. I bought a new nightlight in Montreal last year. It is an actual maple leaf that has been gold plated. Mind you, it's not as fragile as this but the veining is very distinct.


And the goldsmith who could make that would be a genius!


I agree it would make a very delicate and interesting brooch. I have aspen leaf earrings and a necklace. I wore them more when I was teaching. I dress so much more casual these days, more jeans and sweatshirts for winter and jeans/shorts and a t-shirt in the summer.


"You're probably right about that, Anne. I found another one but it had lost one of the petals. They're probably protected from the wind by my Lavender. They were under the Hydrangea close/next to the Lavender.


Yeah....Betty...☺☺ In the meantime I'll keep it between folded kitchen paper :))


Impie, those "skeletons" must be in very protected place so they aren't getting much wind and decaying right in place. They are very interesting sometimes.

Sounds like a great idea! Fantastic conversation piece if nothing else!


Isn't it just, Anne and Betty? In my back garden I've seen "skeletons" of several flowers here and there too, but they're not complete so I'm not sure what they were, but this one is obvious!
It's not really my style, but I was thinking that after a gold bath it would make a nice broche! :-)

That is amazing! I'd never have imaged that could happen.


Fascinating! Just a pale reminiscence of what was.

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