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The smelt are running!!

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Dip nets are popular.

People come from all over to fish for them off our shores with both dip nets (above) ad seine nets.

When I drove here last night, people were just getting set up for the run. I saw people carrying armloads of firewood, lawn chairs, and other items for this festive natural event.

Taken May 6, 2022
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I wasn't, either, Marilyn, because of the bones.
That would have been fun to watch the smelters in Duluth, Tea.
Good one, Parson! Since the fishing takes place at night, I think they were moonstruck!


The fish that were caught were inseine.


It sounds like it was fun! On the Duluth Beach Cam they watched people with seine nets and talked about the best way to fry Smelt. I think I’ll pass😝, lol !


My Mom liked smelt but she waited too long to introduce it to her children. We were not taken with the dish.


You're welcome, Tea. It's fun to be down there -- it's like a party!


So interesting !
Thanks Li :)


Yes, I have. When I was younger, my mother would fix them, and I didn't like them because they seemed to be all bone. But last spring we went to a smelt fry in a nearby town, and they were crispy-- the bones weren't obvious. I liked them.
We're getting to know his ways and words, Juba!!


I saw the title on this thumbnail and thought of PW.
Of course he was here already! :-)


Had to find out about smelts. Now I know, our fishermen are after them, too. Have you ever eaten a stint, Li? I haven't.


Funny, Parson. I've not heard that one.


Years ago, there was a US Senator who complained about the smell from fish with this quote: "I've smelt a lot of smelt, but I've never smelt a smelt that smelt like this smelt smelt."

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