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Where did...

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  1. KatieZn0:06
  2. Dilubreuer0:08
  3. PebUCLA0:08
  4. wjl10150:08
  5. PauaNZ0:08
  6. greet490:09
  7. wshealy0:09
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  9. JennyG660:09
  10. radiojerry0:10


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Same thing happened to a musician once, and he never got it Bach


Like a card cheat, he ought to have kept a Hiace up his sleeve.


Fer shame, fer shame! :o)


Just slapped my forehead...


Ergo, ear go?


This really happened to a neighbour kid, he parked his Echo just over the no parking line, went to a RAV-4 hours, and when he left his Econoline.


Our car was stolen several years ago. It was discovered our mini 'van go' over to Tampa. It was found, running and unattended in a Starbucks parking lot. We were lucky, cause there was not much damage. Chuckles to bpb. :))


I have a friend who drives a Honda suv. but now he's out of his Element.

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