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In the back right the white and purple Buddleias are finally growing/mingling to get the 'mixed duo' look. Usually the white one dominated the purple one, but this year he trimmed the white multiple times to keep her under control, which isn't easy as she grows xx-times faster than the purple! โ˜บโ˜บ
Front middle right are the sad remains of my apples!!! They're under constant attack by Parakeets and Pigeons and I bet they'll keep doing so until there's next to nothing left!! :))
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LOL Faye, sometimes I do think so indeed. We hardly use the table and when the weather is good, there's enough room for my cup of tea!๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™‚


Just like the jungle...the garden is slowly taking over! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™‚


Why thank you, sandrine2016 :)


Great job, obviously a labor of love. :-)


Oh yes, Patsy, I/we sure do. When the weather is good (not too hot though) the chair/beds are pulled from under the table and we'll enjoy the sunbeams and the view! In Summer the sun shines on my back patio until 7:30PM!!

Thank you, Ella. Our purple Buddleia is a cut from the Buddleia we have in the front. We have a small purple one in a tub too(on the grass tiles in front of the Peonies). It stays small but blooms a few plumes every year. Liertje took more cuts and donated them to friends several years ago. They have grown to lovely big plants and bloom well in their gardens!
The white Buddleia is a cut Liertje took in the park right before half the park was demolished for new build. He took the cut home and put it straight in the ground. It was a trial because he had read that once a cut is taking it doesn't survive more than 10 minutes without fluid. Well, he took the chance, cut it, carried it home and planted it and gave it water. After a few days it already started to grow....and actually never stopped growing. LOL The white plumes are huge!!
Sadly this year we don't see many butterflies in our area for some mysterous reason. (I hope it's not because of our new neighbour with his electric swatter):((

Thank you, lurdo, I'm glad you enjoy my gardens and thanks for your virtual visit.:)

Thank you, Anne. Yes, gardening is sometimes like a win some, you loose some. But this year the birds seem eager to win and are very persistent in stealing our fruit. :)

Thank you, Kathie. In the past (when it were the four of us) in Summer we often had supper at the garden table. We also had a concrete BBQ in the back then. But since it's just Liertje and me, it's much easier to eat at the table idoors. But I do like to sit on the patio enjoying the sunbeams with a cup of tea. :)
Yes, a few good apples are protected by chicken wire....Liertje made a kind of wire cage around them in the hope those green monsters will leave them alone. So far so good, but that's probably because not all the others with easy excess are eaten from YET! :)

Thank you, GG. It is, the apple tree also gives some extra privacy in summer. โ˜บ

Thank you, Val. You're welcome to come and sit out here. I'll clear the table and pour you a coffee or tea or anything you'd like โ˜บโ™ฅ

Thank you, Dobra. Yes, I really love my garden:)


This is a very pleasant place to relax. Your flowers enhance the nice atmosphere.


Impie this is lovely, I would enjoy sitting out here thank you โ˜บโ™ฅ


A lovely view of your back patio, Impie! What a nice area to enjoy in privacy! โ˜บ


So cozy! Do you ever have supper outside at that table!? If Max comes back to eat the apples, tell him I said 'scram!" Is that chicken wire I see, to protect the apples above?
What a pretty, pretty little corner of the world! I, too, just love your gardens! Bedankt!


And entirely beautiful puzzle included the do's and don'ts of maintaining plants around hungry birds too. It looks lovely Impie!

Wonderful view, pretty flowers, I like your gardens front and back.


Your back patio is lovely, Impie, and I really like the white Buddleia! I only have the purple one.

Do you ever sit and relax out there, or are you constantly in action?




Thank you, dhi, thank you for your virtual visit... :))


What a lovely patio, thanks for sharing.

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