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hi Heidi, sorry I left you out, here's yours. when my father was growing up, his farther bred, trained, raced, and sold m

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Thank you for the puzzles. I have a 20 year old Arab, he's still great on the trails. I also have a 14 year old Arab who is just a kid! I'd love to have a Gypsy Vanner tho.


I have a total of 8 horses. I ride some, mainly to work the cattle, and drive. The Morgan is the most experienced driving horse, and I also drive an elderly Paint mare (frame overo) and the Gypsy Vanner (he's only green broke). The riding horses are 1) An Appaloosa, 2) A Quarab mare and 3)her son (both grey/white pintos). I also have 2 rescue horses that were abandoned... a grey Arabian mare and a black/white pinto pony mare.


I am sorry about Your Loss...Cindy has 3 is 40 years old and still going strong except she has the heaves...she and her other mare are quarter horses..and her stallion who is also gentle is a thoroughbred...Cip was 26 and 16.2...and she was a thoroughbred..and very gentle especially with kids...great lesson horse...Leggie her stallion is being prepped for a lesson horse now that Cip is gone...Kathleen


What a beauty!


we have five now, we lost a thoroughbred in dec 09, he was 32 yrs old, a beautiful animal.
You know you could look at it like this, you get to ride and enjoy a horse without all the expence!!!!
But I know what you mean it does make a difference. bev


At least you owned horses...I never did but sure wish I would least one...I do have my girlfriend Cindy to visit just down the street...but it is not like you own that horse it still is hers...Thanks for all the Beauties Bev, Kathleen


(the rest of the story.)
morgans, he owned a very large race track and every weekend people drove for hundreds of miles to race and buy his morgans. enjoy, bev

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