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191014 Triples

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  1. Bailey72829:04
  2. KirtieJ32:12
  3. hclem32:33
  4. noelw34:23
  5. rebeccaofsunnybrook34:32
  6. Macedonian35:04
  7. surbur35:26
  8. natbturner39:49
  9. Kenowe41:16
  10. CassieLassie42:55


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The lockdown costs a lot to most people / taxpayers therefore the COVIDiots are annoying. I watch TV far less than average of 3,5 h per day. But the PC monitor can be a magnet. I try not to solve more than 1000 pc and not make more than one new puzzle a day. When I solve RebeccaB puzzles I wish to start again knitting, but my index fingers already show signs of age, therefore I avoid buying yarn.

We call those who break the rules COVIDiots and unfortunately there's too many of them. All the wonderful puzzles on Jigidi help keep me sane and I read, do a lot of knitting and crochet and watch too much TV to pass my time.


Hi Vick. Stay comfortable and safe with all what your internet offers. When I read about the incisive measure they take in Australia I just hoped it will have swift effect. Here people are already a bit tired of keeping distance. I understand that especially young people want to do what they like, meet and have fun. We do not have lockdown, but I am happy at home with Jigidi, audio books and Youtube.

Hi Advia. We're in lockdown here in Melbourne - most of the shops shut, only allowed out of the house for shopping (once a day) and work, can't go more than 5kms from home. So I've searched for some of your older puzzles I haven't done to pass the time. I don't know how I missed this. It's wonderful. Thanks, Vicki


Nice of you to say that you like my puzzle lumadi.

belli i tuoi puzzle grazie


Thank you it was a lot of fun to put these putterns together.

A fantastic puzzle - loved the combinations and the way you put them together. Thank you.


Thank you for your nice comment. It was a lot of fun to make 2 different patterns of the same colors.

And yet another different winner. Such an interesting take with the division of the triple being the wavy line. Thank you thank you

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