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Remembering our kitty boy Happy

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February 1990 - 27 June 2001.

Another year has gone by and most of you are familiar with the story of our kitty Happy by now (from earlier tributes!)
We rescued Happy from the shelter at the age of abt. 6 months old on 28.August 1990. He was ceded by his previous 'owner' who had called him "Amshish" my question what kind of a name that was for a cat the lady at the shelter had no answer, just that the man wasn't too friendly to either the kitten or his little girl who was crying and pleading to keep her kitty! Happy was a very scared -of men- kitten but did love the boys and was instantly a real mommy's boy. He got health issues starting from the age of 4 but with special diet, medicines and TLC he lived to be (only) 11 years old. In June 2001 he got very ill and it turned out he had acute myeloid leukemia, that's when we -with pain in our hearts- made the decision that after all he's been through it was time to let him go and not to let him suffer!
When we moved here in 1996 he'd hardly use his litter tray anymore but chose the garden to do his 'little' business on one side and his 'big' business on the other side of the garden☺☺☺
After he crossed the Rainbow Bridge we planted a Day Lily in his honour in the spot where he used to do his (little) business. Shortly after planting that Day Lily, we were at the garden centre again when we saw a Day Lily called "Happy Returns"!!! If we had seen it earlier we would have chosen this one but then decided we just had to have this one as well and planted it in the spot where he used to do his 'big' business. He must've fertilized the soil there really well, the plant grows bigger each year and with every first bloom in June I smile and think...."Happy Returns". ♥
(recently the first lily flower opened and I've merged it with his photo.)

It's with a smile I think back of him and all his antics. He was quite a character and I loved him to bits ☺♥☺
In the link are two more photos of him.....
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Thank you, nillie, Iris,Betty and Pammi.....our kitties may be long gone, but we'll never forget them, they'll stay forever in our hearts ♥♥


Hello beautiful Happy. I can easily see that you brought much happiness to your loving family. Impie, when we had our darling Pushkin she was an indoor/outdoor cat and absolutely refused to ever use the litter tray. She used to go beside the garden shed to pee and thought that we could not see her but in all the fifteen years she was with us, we never once saw where she did her big jobs. I used to search every inch of our yard but never discovered her secret plot. I miss you always, my beautiful (but feisty) girl. ♥♥♥

No doubt, Impie, Happy found his Human and Happiness! You ALL were very lucky! ♥♥♥


Hearts with you!♥♥♥


I love the idea to merge Happy's lily flower with his picture!! Thanks Impie...♥♥


Thank you, Nancy....I often wondered what he must've gone through in his 'old home'....he was shy the first hours in our home, but when I changed into my (long) nightgown later that evening he watched me walking past and then he followed me to my chair and jumped on my lap and started kneading I figured the woman (probably wearing long dresses???) must've been nice(r) to was really heartbreaking! ♥ ....I don't know the resason for ceding him but I am glad he was brought to the shelter (you have to pay for ceding your pet) and not just threw him out on the streets!!!!

Oh no it never does, tisketsmum....he was my baby and he certainly didn't deserve all those health issues all those years!!!

Thank you morepiecesplz......Yes it was because we lost our kitty Lucky after 17,5 years that we went to the shelter and found glad we did! The Lily was a great find after he was gone and a bonus to his memory!

We sure do,'s not that I'm sad anymore, but I'll never forget him or those special dates. The Lily is not just special by name, but also that it will bloom in June...the month we had to let Happy go!

Thank you, Faye♥♥♥

Thank you pet deserves to be treated badly and I'm glad we were able to give him some of the trust in humans (read men) back!
I know cats will give love bites, though Happy's bites didn't feel like that....he'd bite real hard!!! ☺

Thank you, Diz.....yeah...I'm glad that the biggest part of his life he was loved by us, but he so not deserved all the medical issues!!

Aww, thank you, was never hard to love him even while he'd bite or scratch for no reason. However, on hind sight I think it had a lot to do with his health....I was devastated when we lost him at such a young age!

Mrs, Impie You have a Huge Heart, You are a loving and caring Lady Happy´s face reflects the love and care He receives from You and your extraordinary Family.

Brought tears to my eyes too … Thank you for sharing your lovely story … They do leave rather large paw prints on our hearts ….. Diz


What a wonderful story!! . . . brought tears to my eyes.
Did you know that often a bite from a cat is an expression of love?


What a "loves"! ❤️❤️❤️


We love our family including the furry members. The yellow day lily seems to me to represent happy bright fun feelings. It is a very pretty flower.


What a lovely tribute. Happy was so lucky to go home with you. I love the story of the day lily - he comes back to you every year.


The love never stops does it? Happy memories of Happy.


There's no doubt Happy had a much better life with your family. 10+ years in a loving home is far more than he likely would have had based on his early history.


Thank you, Betty....yes, Happy was really something else....he'd love to be combed but he didn't let an opportunity pass to bite me in the wrist when I combed his chest!!!! I loved him to bits and I know he adored me more than any other member of the family, but he did have a funny way of showing it! ♥☺♥

Thank you, moolycow....that's most definitely 11 years old he died way too young, but I think/hope we've made up for his first (bad) 6 months of his life!!!

Thank you, Ella....he did appreciate it in the end, but in the first weeks my hubby couldn't even touch him....Happy would duck for his hands and then finally he gave in like he was saying "OK, hit me then", (it made me all teary) but when he found out that André had no intention to hurt him it got slowly better. ♥


What a sweet photo of Happy. He was lucky to have your family for a forever home.

I am so glad you found each other

A beautiful boy, Impie. I am continually amazed how these wonderful beings steal out hearts so completely. ☺♥☺♥

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