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Tyr - Excuse me! Can't a boy have a little privacy with his banana?!!

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  1. scbrown5:27
  2. GrandmaJo6:11
  3. Impie6:42
  4. lindaleigh6:52
  5. pattyban7:04
  6. jcat7:10
  7. nscottsf7:52
  8. JoCaVe8:01
  9. foxy628:16
  10. LMSmithcats8:28


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Well catslave, you have been missed and all your regular Jigidi friends have been concerned about your absence,
I don't know exactly what's been wrong with you, and you may not wish to tell us, but you've been offline for 6 weeks and we're sure glad to have you back.
Tisket sends her love and a big purr.
Best wishes, tisketsmum.


Tisketsmum, this is all part of my recovery! ☺ I'm re-introducing myself to sitting in front of my PC for a wee while each day and hopefully it won't get too painful. I'm building up to going back to work - possibly at the end of the month.

I've missed everyone so it is good to be back! ☺♥☺


You've had your privacy for far too long Tyr.
Welcome back catslave, I hope you have fully recovered now.
We've all missed you and your lovely cats, and have kept looking to see if you'd been online lately, but not since 24th December! Then this morning, YAY, catslave online :)))))))




Of course you may have all the privacy you need, but it's so good to see you again my lovely little Tyr!!♥♥.....

(*whisper*....Boys shouldn't play with their Banana in public should they?) ☺☺☺☺

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