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... and once again, @pumpkinhead , you help me see the light in such intensity that it's nearly strong enough for a mental sunburn!
Thanks - I really appreciate this, Suzy!


The Karner Blue was mentioned in one of the paragraphs of the first link, albeit, briefly.
It is endangered and found in only a few places.
Here is a link (a bit long, but provides detail) about the Karner Blue.


@carolsmc Thank you so much for your effort to find these links for us! I had only a glimpse of the second one so far and am delighted even with the cover of 'Miss Rumphius'. I might order one for me.

My feelings towards neophytes (and also neozoones) ambivalent at best: More often than not they supersede the native plants (or animals) that need the same envirinment as they do. Yet, plants and animals alike have been migrating on their own since the beginning of... uh, of plants 😉 and that has often instigated beneficial changes.
As @pumpkinhead said, lupines provide good insect food. Also, in Europe their seeds (= of certain lupines, not of all!) are tested and processed in different foods fore people. Ice cream made from lupine seeds tastes quite delicious. So there might be another good source of proteins (and as you know, Suzy, I've hinted towards the importance of that before 😉😁)

Question is: What did I miss so I don't know about the Karner Blue butterfly and the Albany Pine Brush???


Baaaack again @carolsmc !
The Karner Blue butterfly is found in the Albany Pine Bush about 40 minutes from our home. It's an interesting habitat, the pine bush, as it seems so "out of place" in the area. We go there for walks and to cross country ski. I was unaware of the pine bush in Concord and may have to investigate that at some point. I appreciate the author's take on lupine...."Native may be better, but non-native lupine isn’t all bad." It does a fine job of attracting hummingbirds and butterflies...and it is stunning no matter from whence it hailed! Off to the next link!


"Miss Rumphius" has been given as a gift to a number of people. It is a wonderful children's book. :)
The first link you left is quite informative. I was unaware that Acadia National Park tried to eradicate the lupine!! There is a beautiful little farm we drive by on our trips thru Vermont where the field across the road is "wild" (I use the term loosely!!) with lupine. It is quite a lovely sight.
Will delve into the link more later this evening as well as the second link you've provided. Tis my turn to prepare dinner!! Enjoy your evening and thank you for the links!



'Miss Rumphius' is a charming children's book (high on illustrations, low on text), and there apparently was a woman on whose life the story is based. However, since most of the lupines in New England are not natives, there is some controversy about their presence. I found this article to be interesting and balanced:

This is a good one about the woman who inspired the 'Miss Rumphius' book:


Wild lupine grace the land in many of our New England states, Celine. They are a favorite of many! They always stand at attention...and our attention they receive! The blue ones really come to life with the sunlight on them.
Ah.....,.the season of lupines seems a long way off....and yet will be here in the blink of an eye!


@eagleboi Yes, they grow wild in large patches. In Germany wild lupines are protected. These here I saw in southern Sweden, in a huge patch - the whole meadow was blue, just like the front yard of @dalelawler . And the sun lit them like candles; it was a gorgeous sight. I'm glad I can share it with all of you! Thanks for your comments!

@carolsmc Thanks for the reading tip. Should I ever work my way through the staples of 'next to read's ...😉


Oh, they're so beautiful! Thank you Céline!


Beautiful lupines. They make me think of the children's book 'Miss Rumphius' by Barbara Cooney.



These are very nice, do they grow wild? Thanks for sharing Céline

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