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My green crochet afghan

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Your welcome. I hope you enjoy making this.


Nice work. Many thanks for the pattern and video links. I find watching other people crochet quite mesmerizing!


Have fun making this and post it when you are done.


The pattern is so pretty by itself that I think the solid color may enhance the design even more.
Out to the yarn store I must go..... ;-)


Thanks Marie. Enjoy making this afghan. This picture doesn't due justice to the actual colors. How do you think this would look in 1 solid color? I have some pink baby yarn that I may use.


Thanks for the websites, Lockckutter. I like your color scheme is a lot better that what is shown on those pages. It shows off the pattern better. I don't think I would have looked twice at that blanket.



Isn't it funny how you can change your mind about liking something when you look at it later.
in reply to your email: I have a lot of patterns, some I have done and some that may never be done. I use to print them, now if it isn't too long I write it in a note book. I also make a small sample, put what book the pattern is in and have them in a box.
Guess I have too much time on my hands!


Ada, I sent you an email with the pattern.


I'm giving you 2 web sites for the pattern:

If for some reason the pattern doesn't come up, search for "from the middle crochet blanket"
I DIDN'T use cakes yarn.


I agree this is beautiful. I also would like the pattern. Can you share a website or the pattern itself?


Really lovely lockcutter................Wendy




Thanks. This one isn't very big so it didn't take very long , I'm still working on it. I've been working on the pink one off and on for a month. The pattern is a repeat of 2 rows so it isn't too bad.


lovely! how long did it take? looks like lots and lots of work


Thanks. I enjoy it also.


Great job! I love crochet. thanks for sharing