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100. Across Canada

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A drive around Prince Edward Island...the southeast shore...Cape Bear lighthouse...Marconi Wireless Station...the first in Canada to receive the distress call from the Titanic

In June we travelled by rail from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Montreal (Quebec) where we spent five nights. We then took an overnight train to Moncton (New Brunswick). Next we drove to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), and flew home from Halifax.
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Your plan sounds like it will work, Faye! Isn't it odd how masks, gloves, sanitizer and Clorox wipes have become part of our daily life? If the roads are clear and all are healthy----go for it!!! :)) ♥♥♥


While they've only had about three cases where my sister lives...supposedly brought in from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island...Ken is a bit reluctant to head up for Christmas...however, it only involves two gas fill ups/bathroom stops and we do put on our masks, touch almost nothing, and use hand we have rubber gloves just in case. It worked well in September so I have my fingers crossed...but I took up their Christmas presents then just in case.


I'm in BED by 10 PM~~~

Ditto with the rules in NYS, but bars are still open til 10 (must serve food though),
There is a Mexican restaurant in Albany (they opened the week covid struck) which serves authentic Mexican fare. We have done take out there whenever in the city, but with the number of cases going through the roof we don't even go into Albany now. We stay home. Most of my Christmas shopping is done--on line and or our local Agway (a farm and hardware store). Zak just gave me his list and I will have it shipped directly to his house as I doubt we will get there for Christmas.


Oh yes - we have to be home by 10 p.m. as well!


Bars here have been shut down for two weeks. Strict rules for restaurants and no liquor after 10 p.m. It's starting to get a bit chilly...or dine out some days now. Most restaurants are trying to survive on take-out/delivery. I don't even know what stores are still open as I haven't been shopping since March...our doctor has said no hugs from great nieces and nephew...and no malls. I hope to find something online for their Christmas presents but I really don't trust online shopping.


The same holds true in New York State, Faye. There are hot spots where cultural groups gather and spread the virus. Our county is one of 5 in the state which is not in the red zone. People on the streets (including college students) are wearing masks but for the occasional person who sees it as a violation of their rights. Our social interactions are limited (I took a good friend to a doctor's appointment in Albany this week. Stayed in the car, dined outside and came home). We have cancelled Thanksgiving with Zak in Maine which broke my heart. It was the wise thing to do. Too much involved with 3 Covid tests (we need to appease all states) for a 2 night we don't want to take the chance of infecting him. Thinking Christmas will be cancelled as well. So glad we got there in September to wrap our arms around him. So long as all are healthy..that's what's important. Zak is making progress, albeit minimal. Will share more in an email soon.
Keep that wheel squeaking. :)
And @lelabugosi stay well. If we were all to follow restrictions for a time we would heal more quickly.
May you all stay safe.


We're well enough, thanks. Restrictions here, but EVERYONE wearing masks in public (except when drinking/eating outside bars and restaurants).


We're still hanging in there even though cases continue to rise. A specific cultural group who has huge weddings, funerals, celebrations, and families have ignored small "bubbles", social distancing, and masks. The Public Health Officer did a graph showing how COVID spread through 50 people, two schools, so many businesses and families, etc. up to 89 initial cases...killing one person...putting a few hundred in isolation...and all from one wedding. So now no one is allowed in your home except the people who live there...and fines have finally been increased. But as long as the sun shines and we stay healthy we're doing okay...I even tried to get our name on the vaccine list the other day but they assured me I was too early. However, I will try again...the squeaky wheel and all that! ;DDD

How are you both doing...and Zak?

@lelabugosi And how are you and Mrs. B. doing?


Great story, Faye!!!! :)))) How are you????


Very likely, was part of our cross Canada tour last year. If this %$@$#*&%!$ bug ever disappears we'd love to return to is a lovely little province and Maritimers are really nice people. Our doctor is from Nova Scotia and two years ago he went home for Christmas. He was out shopping with his mum and Ian opened a door for her...and another lady. His mother was appalled. And he asked her, "What? I said hello to her." His mother irately responded, "Yes. But you didn't ask how she was!" :)))


Think I may have been here before (this puzzle), but not sure! Very interesting, indeedy.


I recall this puzzle and our own "communication" on the topic. :)))))
Thanks for bringing me back here, Faye!


FYI..."Many of thePEI lighthouses are now individually owned and operated by local community non-profit groups, which were formed to take over the maintenance and restoration of the lighthouses from the Canadian Government. The Federal Government still owns and maintains the lanterns of those lighthouses that are still operating as active aids to navigation." This is a quote from the brochure of The Prince Edward Lighthouse Society. You can find a map and more info at:


Synchronicity!!! We were meant to meet! ❤️❤️❤️

A sequel to the tale is that my great grandfather came over on the Empress of Ireland in 1913. My great grandmother and my grandmother came over in early 1914 on the Empress of Ireland as well. In late May of that year she was rammed by a freighter due to heavy fog. She sank in the St. Lawrence with a great loss of life and still rests there today. Due to pilfering of artifacts from the site by divers, it has been designated an historical site.


The shape of the lighthouses on PEI and Nova Scotia is so unique!

How very odd that my grandfather also had booked passage on the Titanic!!! (How did this not come up in conversation in Montreal?).

The family story goes something like this: Grandpa was coming over to start a business so my grandmother could join him. His mates took him out to celebrate his departure and due to the celebration, he "missed the boat". My grandmother was quite beside herself that he ruined his opportunity to get to the US. :)

There's also a Marconi Station in Glace, Nove Scotia. Finding it was the only time we got lost in our 3 week tour. LOL


You can see attempts being made to protect the sand dunes, Jill, but I don't know what they're doing to stop wave erosion on the shoreline.


Wonderful looking lighthouse and a great photo thanks Faye. 2.5cm a year is quite significant erosion, :-(


Glad you like it, Ella. The Marconi Wireless Station was originally located elsewhere. It was moved in 1947 due to cliff erosion. It was moved once again in 2015 to where it is now and is being developed as an historic and heritage site. :)

An aside: PEI is losing one inch or 2.5 cm per year on its northern coast.


This is amazing, Faye!


Thank you, Ardy. It was the first IN Canada...I think there were two ships at sea who picked it up first. My great grandfather was originally booked to come to Canada on the Titanic. Fortunately, his trip was postponed for a year...and the Empress of Ireland sailed over the Titanic...I'm assuming they probably paused for a moment of prayer... ❤️


AN historic lighthouse. Thanks, Faye. I didn't know that about it being the first to receive the distress call from the Titanic. Lovely shot. ♥♥

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