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Calendar kitties December 2019

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Today I turned the last page of my kitty calendar 2019. It's last but not least....what a sweet little kitten I'll get to enjoy for 31 days this month. It's beautifully drawn by the very talented Dutch artist Francien van Westering. She draws her own kitties she has/had in her very lifelike. ♥♥
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I fully agree, Pammi, thank you.♡♡♡♡


Another beautiful kitty image to end 2019 for you, Impie. This one is such a little furry sweetheart as are all this talented lady's kitty drawings. ♥♥♥♥


Thanks, GG....just wish I could ♥

Hi nancy, I'm sure you'll manage to take a lovely photo and create a Christmas card....I really hope you do...;-))

LOL , Faye.....It probably must be....! :-))


But that wee face looks so mature...I imagine it's smothered in six days of kisses by now! LOL ;D


Yes, there are some similarities with baby Wimsey. How nice of you to notice. Would love to capture something like that in senior Wimsey as I'm trying to come up with this year's Christmas card. Hmmm. ;-)


Yes, you are right about that, Impie!!


Yeah, GG, you'd just want to touch and kiss that sweet little kitty face! ♡


Aww...this is such a sweet kitty, Impie!


Oh yeah, Betty.....I'd love to......(s)he looks so soft ....!♡

That face!!!! You just want to snuggle that baby!


Yes, Anne, it's really an adorable little kitten! ♥


Isn't it just, nillie, Yes, Francien's drawings are really wonderful!♥♥
Let's hope for a good month, nillie...the first day of December started great weatherwise, only 5°C. but with the sun and hardly wind, it didn't feel actually cold, so I could do a lot of garden work today. Cleared out dead plants (mainly my Cosmos)....sweeped the garden and got a bin bag full of dead leaves in the ORAC!!! For now the garden looks good again (though more empty without the huge Cosmos) but tidy and neat ...until a next stormy wind...:-))

Yes, Ella, now you mention it, it could be a ginger kitty (s)he's leaning on, I thought it was a blanky!
It's always a bit difficult to toss them at the end of the year, but then again I've enjoyed it for 365 days (next year 366!!) and I've got a new one to hang on my wall! I'm glad you enjoy my 'furry' postings each's a joy to try and take a reasonable photo and share it with you! :-))


Aw, so cute!


She's got a comfy mom or sibling to snuggle with. A real cutie! I love kitty and puppy calendars, but I don't buy them because I hate to toss them at the end of the year and saving them might put me in the category of a hoarder. :-) I'll just rely on you, Impie, to provide me with a new fur baby picture each month, instead! :-D


What a lovely little creature...beautifully drawn indeed! Thanks Impie, hope for only good news during the last month of the year♥♥


Thanks, Nancy, yes (s)he's adorable. When I turned the page and saw this sweet kitten, it reminded me a bit of a baby photo of Wimsey you posted some time ago!♥♥

A few months ago I ordered the 2020 calendar. It's still sealed, but on the back of the calendar are all photos with each month ....they are also all lovely again!♥


Peek-a-boo sweet kitten.....another adorable illustration to enjoy, Impie. A lovely way to start each day. ♥♥

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