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I know there is a plant lover out there who can identify this. It popped up several places in my forested backyard. Very pretty with long soft thorns. Do I want to keep it or is it a weed? Can't find in any website I try. Thanks.
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Thanks, lawa. I have touched and tried to smell so its been in my face, no reaction.
There are very long thorns between each pair of leaves. I live in the Seattle area, can't find it under weeds or anywhere else on line. Only here a few months, every week there is a new surprise in my yard! This is so pretty, but so are the other plants that spread where I don't want. I need something in this spot so hoping to identify. I will look up the names you mentioned.

There are two plants that look like that but only one has thorns. The puncture vine has long thorns and is a weed. The winged sumac doesn't seem to have thorns but I don't know if it is poisonous like the poison sumac in South Carolina. Be careful.

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