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Some people...

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  1. Robbos0:30
  2. Wurm0:31
  3. Surreal_Heidi0:38
  4. Ianto0:38
  5. KatieZn0:39
  6. treker0:40
  7. LuLu23810:40
  8. wjl10150:41
  9. Ktownkid0:42
  10. LinM0:43


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I'm getting scared now, Amazonia. I have no way of contacting you to see if you're OK.


Yes, missing you. Do hope you're ok. Missing your Llulamoon pics too.


Where are you, my friend?


Missing you Amazonia . . . hope everything is alright.


Lol. I found this on one of the funny pics sites. It shows just how ignorant some people are. As you rightly say Quique, sometimes it seems the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Like the reply to this says, some people are too thick to insult! ; )

You are so right, Amazonia ....AND jcarroll! If there's one group of people that I am scared of, it's not the rich, or the powerful, or the sick, or the poor; It's the DUMB......they can be mobilized into a nonstop stampeding mob with the snap of a finger or just the utterance of certain words. And the rest of us are doomed. And if they happen to have political power, God help us! We're doomed into another era of Nazi Germany, the Iron Curtain, the Inquisition, ISIS, etc. Thousands of innocents murdered for the sake of a "cause."

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