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When I visited Coeur D' Alene, Idaho a couple years ago, the weather wasn't that good for landscape photography. I wanted to take some photos of something so I drove around the town a little and took some photos of some homes. I found this contemporary home to be quite unique. To me, it seemed a little short on windows and reminded me a little of a fort. However, I was curious what it would have looked like on the inside. Speaking of Coeur D' Alene, I hope to be going there again next week. I am doing a lengthy road trip to Idaho and Montana and possibly Wyoming. Sue will stay at home and will continue to post my puzzles.


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Terry, may you travel in safety and good health! I'm itching to get on the road again, but nothing planned until July 13.


dblay, thanks for the comment. I am still on my trip. I hadn't taken many photos until the last two days. I think I got some good ones now. I probably will not get back home for another nine or ten days. Terry


olando: Vips, I like plenty of windows and lots of light in a home. While traveling around Montana this week, I couldn't help but notice something. I discovered that a high percentage of the lower and averaged priced modern day homes have small windows and not a lot of them. Besides the fact that they would let a little less cold inside in the winter and they would be quicker to wash, I can't think of a reason why. The small windows also do not look very attractive. Terry


Nan, we don't have to wonder any longer. It didn't get half as many solves as most of the house puzzles get. Terry


olando: Vips, who knows, maybe it has lots of really big ones on the back side. Terry


This is very interesting and quiet gorgeous at the same time. :-)) It sure doesn't seem to have many windows but it is a very unique and different kind of architecture for a house. I kind of like it, as long as there are a lot of windows on the back side. :-)) Loved solving the puzzle and great photo, Terry. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you have a nice day, it being Father's Day. :-) I am guessing you are still on your trip and won't be home for today. Lunch is just about ready so I'm checking out for today. See you and Sue again tomorrow. :-)


it does make one wonder... And i'm wondering if this will get any where near as many solves as the big, old houses with flourishes.


I feel claustrophobic when I see this home. Very strange with so few windows, must be very dark inside. Vips