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Have a happy day everyone...

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Another of my art bits... I used a symmetry system for her face but as we know, the two sides of the face are usually different to varying degrees, so using symmetry for it can give a bit of a wooden look. I saw someone on the net recently who had the most even face i have ever seen, but with all the trickery going on out there in the 'net , that could have been fake as well. ;) i hope you like her anyway... Robyn
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Hi Irena! Jsem rád, že se ti líbí. Úsměvy jsou velmi dobré pro nás. Pomáhají nám být šťastný,, a pomáhat ostatním stejně. :) Robyn

(Hi Irena! I'm glad you like her. Smiles are very good for us. They help us to be happy,,and help others as well).


Hi Raayna. I did it. I found a really handsome photo of Denzel.. very young and smooth looking, and I halved his face and put the 2 L sides together and his 2 R sides together, and you are so right! Remarkable evenness on both views. You can barely tell them apart except for a very slight different shape of the eyes, not even noticeable to the casual viewer. An interesting little experiment. :) Robyn.


Thanks Bev! Your thoughts are really appreciated. I loved putting your puzzles together and seeing your art appear. I love the "Good Morning's Meadow" . :) Robyn


Další krásná usměvavá dáma :-) Díky Robyne.


Nice lines and color.


Thank you Rayna! That would be why he's so nice to look at. The only way to really tell is to get a front view photo, cut it in half and join the wrong halves together. You may have seen that done at some point. I'll search for one of Denzel and give it a go. I'll let you know. :) Robyn


Nice drawing, Robyn. I read somewhere a long time ago that Denzel Washington had the perfect symmetrical face. I think it was in Readers Digest. They actually took measurements. He is a very handsome man and easy on the eyes, I guess that's one of the reasons why.


Ah, I see you got into the top ten. he he...


I won't inundate you all though Maddie. he he. It would be different if I could draw beautiful scenes etc. which so many like. But plenty of those out there on the 'net to share. Thank you for your kindness. :)


Of course Robyn, you can really draw, and I just admire that ! And I'm glad you post your work for us all to see ! :-)


Thanks a heap Maddie! You are so appreciative. :):) :)


Oh yes, I dó like her ! She's gorgeous, with the most wonderful blue eyes..
Beautiful drawing, Robyn, thanks !

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