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Upper Tahquamenon Falls--Brink view

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This is the view you get of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls after climbing down 94 steps (always remembering that what climbs down must climb up) to the "brink view." A bit of a warning is at the gift shop near the parking lot--there's a defibrillator hanging on the outside wall! For a look at the view for those who don't want to make the climb, see the other puzzle.

Measured by volume, the Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the third largest (after Niagara and Cohoes) waterfall in the eastern United States. Tannins in the water give it its distinctive bronze stripes. I wish I could include the audio from the videos I shot. There's an awful lot of water pouring down here!
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  1. Bemusement10:34
  2. cromartybird11:07
  3. AScott13:05
  4. vbrewer6413:13
  5. grammyamr1116:06
  6. DMO16:11
  7. garke16:33
  8. regrill17:05
  9. Patrisha17:41
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True! I returned last fall just to see it with a color backdrop. Fall color wasn't the best in the U.P. last year, but the falls itself came through!

Beautiful. Been there several times. Never gets boring.

Yes--and Tahquamenon is a favorite. There's something about the beauty of the "Root Beer Falls" combined with the raw power of the cascade that makes it particularly attractive.


i love waterfalls

I hadn't been to the falls since the early '60s, and went with a friend who'd never been in the U.P. at all--so it was a wonderful discovery/rediscovery for us both. We thought we should practice canoeing elsewhere before trying it there, but your comments make me think this is something we should definitely go back to do.

Thanks for your comment!


Back in the late 1960's my brother and I stood behind the falls at the lower right side. You can no longer do that but it was very cool. I always loved the smell all around this area due to the cedars and the water. Sometimes we come here to go cross country skiing in the winter. That is a very magical experience as well. Plus, no bugs! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some wonderful memories. Scott.

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