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Kissing Cardinals - Jenny Ragland

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Taken by my sister. North Alabama, January 2015.

For more of her work, check out:
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  1. BarbaraL1:01
  2. Ianto1:22
  3. brightspark1:26
  4. katwoody991:29
  5. cilycoed1:32
  6. Ribs1:33
  7. Dilubreuer1:39
  8. canoekaw1:46
  9. Purples1:48
  10. JUNKMAN1:53


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My aunt and uncle live in pretoria and i think they have them there xxx haven't seen them by us xxx


Isn't it just amazing?! I've never seen them do this, but she has seen it a number of times. They are very special birds. Do you have them in South Africa?


Hi kat - .... sigh so romantic lol xxxxx


Thanks, Gail - I commented over there.


I, and others, would appreciate it if you would revisit this puzzle:

You will find answers to your comment about someone being "rude".


Thanks so much for your comments, PG!! I am beaming! :-)) And I hope that one day you will get to see a cardinal in real life; they are quite amazing!! I'll be posting more, probably starting in a few weeks!


Hello katwoody99, thank you for sharing this sweet puzzle photo with us. I was born in Ohio where cardinals are the state bird, & I love them. My family moved from Ohio to CA when I was 2, & I've never seen a cardinal in real life, only in photos & on film. I followed Jenny's link, & she has taken some truly awesome photos. She has a great eye for beauty, & how best to capture it "on film", as we used to say, hee hee. The time & care she spends prepping for each photo really shows in her final results. I will also be watching for you to publish more of her lovelies here on Jigidi.




I shall look forward to that, thank you dear Kate...


Maybe in the near future, Phyllis!


My pleasure Kate, and will you put other photographs of hers on Jigidi?


Oh I'm so glad you like her work, Phyllis!! We are so proud of her. She really has a love for her subjects and spends the time to get those amazing moments! The Bald Eagle and the autumn road are two of her most popular shots. And, yes!, that is a squirrel - it stole an old toy that the dogs left outside, and worked for quite some time to pull it into its hole in the tree!

Thanks so much for your comments!! :-))


Hi Kate, liked the puzzle and I too checked out the link. Great photographer isn't she. I especially liked the Bald Eagle, and the autumn road. There was one with what might be a squirrel peeping out of a tree trunk... It must take her ages to set things up for a photo.

Thanks - Phyllis


You're most welcome, florrie! So glad you like her site!


Thank you, lyndee! She is so attentive to her subjects - allows her to capture some unforgettable moments!! Really appreciate your comment! :-)


Aw, thanks Ardy!! I'm so proud of her!!! :-)))


Thanks so much, oldhag!! I'm so glad you did!!!


Your sister has good timing Katwoody. Nice photo.


Your sister's work is wonderful. Thanks for the link. Saw your note at Edie's.

I took your advice and checked them out. Absolutely breathtaking!! Thank you so much !!!!


Thanks, Dilubreuer! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!



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