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Tres: I'm trying to play Rudolph ... but ...

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Really I got started harassing sister Gracie and this time she got mad. Really mad and chased me and my nose got in the way of her claws!
Cats!!! There is the old saying that Cats Have An Office Staff. True, but have you ever noticed the initials? CHAOS!!! How apropo!
Merry Christmas, all!
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Thanks Patsy and back to you & your family as well.

Merry Christmas Betty, Tres, Gracie, and all the rest of the family. Wishing you a safe, healthy 2021 with lots of joy and even some peace. -Patsy



I agree Nancy, and he is a rascal! So far only 1 banshee scream from Gracie. Fingers crossed!

I'll try Auntie Peggy, but it sure is hard!


Oh dear, sorry you had to learn the hard way! You be a good boy now on Christmas Eve!


Rascal! Adorable, but still.... ;-) Maybe he'll learn now that he knows she isn't putting up with it? Have fun with your "chaos"! :DD

He's been asking for it for a while, Nancy. I think she finally snapped and gave it back! When I feed her station in on a 3-step stepstool, he gets under and bats her tail, every time!!! He can be a mess! ☺☺☺


Well done, Gracie. Dude, what were you thinking? Especially with Santa Paws on the way! Still a little time left to show what a good boy you can be. Counting on you! ♥♥ :-))

It will, Auntie Impie and thank you! Love Tres


Aww, poor baby, harassing older sisters is one thing (I remember her getting mad at me too) but that's reason to get so mad and scratch your nose. Hope it heals well!

Merry Christmas!!!♥

Ella, I think that is exactly what he will find, he has been at it again today, but thankfully not as bad! She chased him around the house yesterday reversing the trend! ☺♥☺♥


Tres, I'm sorry Gracie got so mad at you, but you need to be careful! Remember, Santa is on his way and you wouldn't want to find a lump of coal in your stocking, now would you?

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5 September 2018 - 28 June 2015
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