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Felicity on Window Ledge

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I'd like you to meet my new "Grandkitty," who appeared at my daughter's house about 2 weeks ago. Felicity was skin and bones, and did not belong to anyone in the area. SO, you can guess the rest! Mr. Riley now has a new "sister!" After gradually introducing the two, they get along wonderfully, as you will see in the next puzzle I have posted! I got to meet Felicity Sunday, and she is a sweet kitty!
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Thank you for your kind words, Patsy! I actually got to see Felicity and Riley yesterday, but only for a minute or two. I picked up my grandchildren for a lunch together in town. I had to get home soon after, but I hope to see the kitties again soon!! ☺

Hello Felicity! I'm glad you've found a new home, somebody who is taking good care of you, and a new friend in Mr. Riley. I hope we can see you again soon. ~Patsy


Thank you, WhiskersNFeathers! ☺


(*‿*) ❤️


Thank you, Nillie. Felicity fits in perfectly! She and Riley play a lot together, and sleep together! ♥♥


Oh GG, I did not see this little sweetie before...Sorry. However, this adoption story is really a good "heart touch" before going to bad:-)) Hope she will be a good addition to the family and to Mr Riley♥♥


Thank you, Calluna! Yes, Felicity has settled in 100% I'd say, and Mr. Riley loves her! I am thankful! I will see them next week!! ☺


Hello Felicity!! You came to the right house and look like you are settling in purrfectly. Sweet pose!! She looks relaxed soaking in those sunbeams. Delighted she and Riley are getting along so well. 😊😊


Thank you so much, Kossamu! May God bless you and your family as well. Yes, Riley seems to be very happy with his new "sister" and they have enjoyed chasing each other around the house!! ☺☺


Thank you for your kind comments, Jandchris! We think she is beautiful too. ☺☺


You're so beautiful Felicity, and a very lucky cat to find such nice people to look after you.


Gods Blessings to you and your family❣️ Felicity is a gorgeous Tuxedo girl and happy for Riley getting a girlfriend to play with😺 It’s a Win Win all around😺 Thanks Gospelgrandma❣️🤗❣️


Thank you, Impie, Teegee, MaryAnnastasia, Fowly and Shawnlimy for all your kind words!! The family couldn't be happier, including Riley, !! I'll keep you updated as I get new photos!

It is always a wonderful occasion to celebrate when a stray kitty finds a happy, forever home! ☺☺♥♥


Aww....Welcome to Jigidi Felicity. You couldn't have chosen a better house to present yourself. I bet you and Riley -both having lived on the streets as kitten- have similar stories to tell each other, but you can also set your mind at rest now and enjoy your new life with this warmhearted family.💓💕💓

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous kitty, GG. She seems so relaxed at your daughter's home.
I love the markings on her front legs. It's like she's wearing a white sweater with black sleaves and white cute☺

Felicity is adorable! She chose the right house to show up at!

What a cutie!


I love her markings GOSPELGRANDMA, she looks very settled on that welcoming wide window sill. I hope all her nine lives are very happy. Fay.


Such a cute Kitty... : )

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