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Tyr, Freya & Ash - Treats!!!!!

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A rare occurrence in this house!
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  1. Cthill1:19
  2. Impie1:23
  3. ivar20121:28
  4. canoekaw1:36
  5. hadzi1:38
  6. cookin1:38
  7. caroshop1:39
  8. soo1:40
  9. racoonstar1:42


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LOL, Pammi!


That is great catslave. I think any self-respecting kitty would love to have a go at getting their treats this way. ☻☺☻

P.S. Ash, don't you know yet that mothers see and hear everything????


Joey is certainly smart and the home made food ball was a great idea!

I bought a Catit Food Maze for my lot:

They play with it a little and get some treats out...then one of them (Ash, I know it's you!) loses patience and tips the whole thing over!


frustration because he couldnt get the last one out? idk - i didnt see disgust... but then the video was such poor quality, how could anyone really tell?
I'll borrow my kid's camera and try to get a better video of the treat ball hunt.


OK, I have now viewed the footage and all I can ask is was that a look of total disgust on Joey's face in the final frame? Never mind Joey, you're still a star in my eyes. Tummy rubs and cuddles to you. ♥♥


oops - thats right. it was such a crappy recording i didnt make it public. LOL
it is NOW!! =^..^=


Hi ilovekitties, tried to open the link but a message says it's private. Any suggestions? ☺☺


and how the heck does he know its 7:00pm everyday!!??!! - the time i give him is kitty crack.
Mt cat has a quartz crystal in his head!


kitty crack!!! theyre evil!! LMAO!!! Sometime I swear, Joey gets angry if i dont dole out a few everyday! So i took one of his plastic kitty balls (with the jingle bell) and made it so I could put his treats inside. NOW he has to work for them! Not hard, and I only give him 5 at a time.
This is a crappy tracphone recording of him playing with it- tho he was lazier than usual.


Yes!! You must be very well trained to recognise them!


omg - are those whiskas temptations?!!


So familiar in my house. Lately, I have had to cut them way down. They do look as though they are having a wonderful time.


Now that's a surprise catslave, I thought their ages were the complete opposite from what they are but no doubt I was going on their sizes also. Miss Fluffyducks looks to have the most treats in front of her but perhaps, being the lady she is, she is also a neat and fastidious eater. Great picture. ♥♥♥


To znám, taky dávám úplatky.
I know that, I give bribes.


I thought so too Pammi! ☺☻☺

Thank you Impie! The sizes are in reverse of their ages - Ash is the youngest and Tyr the eldest!


Love this picture catslave. This is the first time I can get an impression of their sizes....Large, medium and small and how pretty they are seen from above too☺☺☺


Yes, you're a brave lady catslave - these kitties are not to be toyed with when it comes to treats. It really is great to see them all together (so what's a little bribery now and then?). ☺☺☺☺


They agree, Mrgoodboy! ☺

Tisketsmum, glad you liked it. I thought I was taking my life in my hands, not giving them the treats as soon as they saw them. Gulp!


Yay; all three of your kitties together. A rare treat for their fan club ♥ ☺ ♥



No problem soo! Bribery is about the only way I can get all 3 in the one place log enough to take a picture!!

You're welcome southcoaster! Treats deserve total concentration when they appear! ☺


Total concentration! Love this puzzle, thank you.


This had made my day. Thank you so much catslave ♥

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