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Chance Cat

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Several years ago, I had this cat come to stay with me, while it's owner was trying to find a home for it. This cat stayed with me for over 16 years!
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  2. emilym1:11
  3. FreddeFreeloader1:21
  4. racoonstar1:25
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Awww, precious! And looks just like my cat! :)


Of course! How could you let that little beauty go?!


Beautiful story, beautiful cat, great home, smart son. Everyone won on this one, methinks.

Not silly - caring.


I thought about it.....but it was a kitten my son had acquired from a friend, and it was a holy terror. Hence, he brought it to me, and asked if I'd keep it for a month, until he could find another home. As the years went by, I'd ask my son if he'd found a home for that cat yet....and he'd nod, grin, and say "Yep, sure did." I positively adored that cat! (Silly ol' Mom!)

I can't understand someone not wanting him. He is gorgeous. Good for you, dustydog!


dusty, if you would have charged the owner boarding fees, you could be retired in style. Terry


he's hiding in "his" blanket.....when he was there, no one was allowed to disturb him. Not the Holly Cat, or Dusty!
Dusty's Mom


Wish I had seen this before I posted Payton's quilt hidey-hole "bed". Interesting Chance had blue check and Payton has yellow check!


Me thinks it was one lucky cat! Pax

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