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1976 pontiac le mans 1

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  1. Trittonw8:21
  2. tinman9:10
  3. montebob10:40
  4. opallia12:07
  5. Buick195512:16
  6. muddypad12:24
  7. Johnjen12:54
  8. dmcrill14:01
  9. frap15:14
  10. kkj16:21


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It looks better than any car made today.


Everybody says that about black cars. I have a friend who gave his boss the advice not to buy a black car. The boss loved it and bought it. Then he cried the blues the whole time he owned it.

My first new car was a yellow '68 Triumph TR250, the only year they made it. In '69 they renamed it the TR6.


This car is beautiful and I like the body style and the color.

My first new car was a black 1964 GTO ($3.591.52) and the rear tires lasted about 90 days. I didn't drive fast, just loved the limited slip pos-traction rear end. Promised myself that I would never buy another black car.


Wow, cool! I bet it brings back memories.

My first new car.


Oh yes, quite a cruiser, and with a wide bench seat in the back!

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