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How did you get up there?

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Fancy wants up there BAD! Rocky thinks he's King of the kitchen!
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  4. like921150:13
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Hi Yellowgal. Hi Suzy. I have a gig tomorrow (Friday) night. I hope I have a crowd. Don't know just what the weather will do, and that does effect people coming out! Good to hear from both of you. Thank you.


Keep on playing, Jeannie. Think of you often. Pleased to see you checking in :)

It's so good that you've found a fun thing to do! Been thinking of you this month especially . . . keep on paddling, girlfriend!


Awwwwwww thank you everyone! Loved the comments. I haven't checked in for a while, sorry.
Life is getting somewhat complicated again for me. But busy with gigs. That's the one sane thing going on!

"Come on, sweet Fancy, I'll help you get up here, then we could push the door open together. Hmmmmmm, I think we'd be in the freezer, maybe not so much a great idea, brrrrrrrrrrr!!!"


Cute!! super cute!!


Love this! Two happy kitties!


Some things just don't change!

What a super photo!


What??? Fancy hasn't learned to walk on ceilings yet??? LOL :DDD


Healer, I posted a summer bike for you to look at :-)
Time to 3 or 4 months LOL



They're secretly conspiring on how to open the door from the top: PUSH!!!


Great - LOL!

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