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Theme - All Things Blue

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Fresh blueberries - YUM
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  1. Brie16480:05
  2. Robbos0:06
  3. lordmojo0:06
  4. Harno0:07
  5. perleblanche0:07
  6. Dilubreuer0:07
  7. racoon0:08
  8. twissel1450:08
  9. wshealy0:09
  10. Bigreds0:09


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They were, Nicky. Thanks.


Those look good, Ardy.


They sure are, fodus. Thanks.


They are delicious, Brie. I had some this morning on my cereal. Thanks for enjoying them too.


Yummy blueberries.


oh delicious! I have these in the morning with my homemade granola and yogurt - with strawberries and raspberries


Aw, Jacki, thanks to both you and the robin. Wonder if it knows it's in paradise. Blueberry pancakes are good too. Thanks, dear friend. Hugs.


Good, Pat. I like blueberry or even more, raspberry yogurt, but have quit eating it as the sugar content is so high and I can't handle the sugar substitutes. Thanks for coming by. About time for new pictures of Bishka, isn't it?


Thanks, Sunny Barb. I'm always watching for specials.


You're right, Pat. Yummmm Thanks.


Sorry, Irene. Wonder how blueberries would taste mixed in with scrambled eggs. Thinkn I'll stick to having them on cereal. Thanks.


Suzy, I'd be freezing some of those for winter. Thanks. Trying not to be jealous of you with Maine blueberries. ☺


I'm the only one here, BeeKay. Usually I can control such things. ☺ Thanks.


Good morning, Barb. That's how I use them - on my cereal. I buy them in season and try them. If they are good ones (and they usually are) I freeze them right away. I use the frozen ones then in summer as well as they keep the milk nice and cold. ☺ Thanks.


Good Morning Ardy! Oh yum! Blueberry breakfast! (or blueberry dessert). And what a great theme puzzle! Cheery hugs from me and the robin who landed on the grass just below the porch and chirped a morning greeting to me to pass on to you!


I eat blueberry yogurt almost every day. Love blueberries. Nice picture. Thanks Ardy.


I love blueberries and buy them always whenever I see them. Thank you Ardy, great theme photo... :)


Nice .... Yummmm


Lovely shot, Ardy. Made my scrambled eggs look a bit tasteless.


YUM and GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's so nice when they are in season and sweet and juicy. We always bring back a few quarts from Maine in the fall-I make one massive pie and we just graze on the rest of them. :)


Yummy! They wouldn't last long in my home ;-D


Looks good, Ardy. That reminds me ... I have some blueberries in the freezer. I like to have them on my porridge or cereal for breakfast. :-)

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