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Macaw feathers.

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Macaws are a group of New World parrots that are long-tailed and often colorful. They are popular as companion parrots, although there are conservation concerns about several species in the wild. Macaws are native to Central America and North America (only Mexico), South America, and formerly the Caribbean.
Most species are associated with forests, but others prefer woodland or savannah-like habitats. A macaw's facial feather pattern is as unique as a fingerprint
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I just love Macaws & always cry when they fly overhead when they are let out at the zoo we visit annually. TFP.


On a holiday/vacation in Queensland a few years ago, we visited a huge aviary where the owners were licensed to keep Macaws. Apparently there is quite a detailed (customs) process to go through to keep Macaws in Australia. But they had done so, and there were about 8-10 of them of varying colours, very pretty indeed.
Because Macaws are very friendly birds, the owners had to make sure that us visitors were all within the small PRE-CAGE AREA, and that the door was firmly shut behind us. We were then ushered from the pre-cage area into the main cage where all the birds were located, and we were immediately greeted by Macaws. Some landed on heads, and others landed on shoulders. Many of the females in our group didn't like this, and shook them off immediately. I had one with quite sharp claws land on my head which I gently moved down onto my shoulder with my hand, and his claws did not penetrate my coat. They show much affection by using their beak to nibble at your ear, and their beaks are quite sharp too, but you can shake your head a little and their affection will cease.
Our Aviary Guide knew them all by name, quite often gave them instructions, and most of the time they did what he requested.
I was fascinated with one particular aspect of a Macaw, its powerful beak. Our Guide provided an example of this by providing them with Macadamia Nuts. For those of you who do not know of the Australian Macadamia, it has the hardest shell of any nut that I've ever encountered - to eat these, Marge and I have to smash the shell open with a heavy hammer, to get at the nut. But our Guide, to show us how powerful the beak of a Macaw can be, provided these birds with Macadamias and they cracked open these nuts quite easily WITH THEIR BEAK, to get at the kernel inside.

Marina, sorry to be so lengthy with this report. I was not aware that their facial feathers were their "fingerprint" but I'd believe it - we took lots of photos of our visit in this aviary and NOT ONE of those birds looked anything alike. (Other than being gorgeously colourful.) ♥♥♥


So beautiful and very interesting about their unique facial feather pattern. Thank you 😊



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