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Spirit Lake Church

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Started in 2017 and still not finished but looking better.
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This town is very small and is a throughway to other rural towns likw mine. 35 max thru 2 lights, a school and a speed trap exiting town. Small grocery, Ace Hardware and Pharmacy in one building with gas sta next door. Nice park in town and a lake somewhere in the backstreets. It has a cut off to avoid town, through forests cirving road and two other roads to choose from - Thisaway and Thataway. A nice little place to visit, tho.


Possibly, yes, if that street is not real busy. I mean it could still be beautiful but less pleasant to live in with a lot of traffic.


I believe someone said it was for a business. If so, that business is pretty slow in getting started. It could be a beautiful home, huh?


Ah. Do you think it's being refurbished as a church or for some other purpose? I've seen old churches converted to homes that were really interesting.


In Spirit Lake, Kootenai County, ID 7 miles from home. Id told some one Id get an update, it has progressed but still will be a while. I should contact them and ask if the city is doing it or a private owner. I think private due to the slow prgression - since I moved here in '17.


It's an interesting structure. Barb, where is it located?


They are trying, @JacquiB12. In facr tge whole side is now whitewashed abd part of the front. I dont think it's a community effort, either. I'll take another next timeI go through. Thanks for the comment Barb

Please, somebody save it before it's too late!


UR welcome, Isaly. ;-))


Love this photo of the Spirit Lake Church construction. TFP ~ Cyndi

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