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Approximately 550 million years old. I feel much younger now.
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Wow hermitish bet that kept you busy. Talk about making them from scratch!!

There was a wonderful store in Seattle (more like a museum really) where they had huge varieties of fossils and very reasonable prices. Not sure if its still there.

Canada does abound in fossils and there were some really interesting tv shows on last year following different groups of professional fossil hunters in the U.S. ( • ͜ʖ • )


I'm not surprised, Bubble. Parts of Canada offer a wide array of amazing fossils. I'm in the wrong area for anything other than microfossils so I bought 40 lbs of shale from Utah online and spent many hours splitting and scraping. Thanks for your comment, it's always nice when someone shows an interest in the subject matter of a puzzle.


I have some really nice triolbite fossils and this is a great one hermitish.
Paleontology is an interest of mine. Thanks ( • ͜ʖ • )

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