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Colder than New Year's Day

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Yesterday we didn't have frost - we had freeze. I'd put out the birdbath earlier in the week, but it became the "bird rink" overnight, frozen to the bottom. Oddly, we didn't show on The Weather Channel "freeze warning" map; the designated areas terminated south of us in central New York State. Maybe they thought we lived far enough north that we didn't need a warning?

They also listed some cities where the May 9th temperatures could end up colder than Christmas. Well, it missed by a few degrees here, but it was colder than New Year's Day!
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Forecast says that Tuesday it will finally start to gradually warm up, and Saturday we actually get back to normal temps (low 48° high 60°), followed by 4 days actually *above* normal, although they'll be mostly cloudy and rainy.


Temps above freezing last night, but currently 48°F with a biting NW wind. Thought of going back on the farm (wearing my insulated pants), but the thought of walking back with that wind in my face sapped my enthusiasm. Cooking instead - like yesterday.


Things are just not normal.


Freeze warnings here in Maryland as well. Something had knocked the top off the birdbath so it was dry. It has warmed up some today. Hope it has for you. Thanks, Don.


There was ice in the dogs water bowl too :-(

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