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Stryker M1128

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540 pieces
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  1. horsti1:11:16
  2. vanuffelerik1:44:02
  3. bubufam2:09:32
  4. paul18752:20:16
  5. duffermike2:20:55
  6. Handypete2:25:56
  7. tomasini2:38:12
  8. havaf2:38:15
  9. Cadreamer2:40:21
  10. SandyMcK2:57:10


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Done. Fun puzzle to do and I enjoyed the other's comments.



Many thanks rfscudder.

The information you supplied adds so much to the puzzle, the machine seemed, on the face of it, to be a marriage of functions. In that comes in a variety of guises it makes a lot more sense. Military hardware seems to evolve so quickly ignorant mortals such as I, get out of touch really quickly,

Sure, ferretneck, the Stryker is an eight-wheel drive multi-purpose vehicle based on the Swiss Pirhana. This particular model is the anti-armor version mounting the M-68A2 105 m.m. gun. There is also an Infantry Fighting Vehicle which mounts either a Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun, or a 40 m.m. grenade launcher. It also comes in Command and control and ambulance models. It was adopted due to being considerably cheaper than the M2/M3 Bradley, and it can go pretty much anywhere the tracked vehicles can.

Nice picture, good puzzle.

Could somebody please fill in a bit of information about this lovely lump of ironmongery?

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