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The Seasons

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"The Seasons


Spring time is here with its sunshine and showers,
All nature is waking from its long winter sleep.
The gardens are blooming with beautiful flowers,
The song-birds are carolling melodies sweet.


The summer comes with glaring heat,
And we will have vacation;
We pack our grips for the seashore trips,
Or other recreation.


The harvest moon is shining bright,
The leaves are falling everywhere;
How glorious is the autumn night,
How cool and bracing is the air.


Jack frost is stalking through the land,
The ground is covered white, with snow.
We like to sit beside the fire
And tell the tales of long ago".

The poem in Today's Daily Jigsaw puzzle is titled "The Seasons" and was written by American poet Alan L. Strang (1908 - 1919) ♥

In today's edition of the Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, you'll find an enchanting scene showcasing a motorhome nestled amidst a vibrant lavender field in France ♥
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We lived and travelled in our caravan in Australia for 10 years, depsite weather and seasons. If it was wet, we closed the windows, if it was hot, we opened them, if it was dusty, we sneezed! Thanks for the jigidi


Alan L. Strang was born in Spokane, Washington, August 18, 1908. Living there until he was four years old, he came to California in 1913 with his parents, making their home in Redwood City.

He had a gentle, loving disposition, was always frail and delicate and possessed a mental development far in advance of his years. He was taken to the Great Beyond January 29, 1919.

The poems contained in this book were written prior to his tenth birthday. Considering the age of the author we feel that the work contains real merit, while the sentiment expressed betokens that patriotic spirit which never fails or hesitates when our country calls for men.

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