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An Second Entrancement* of Doors, Siena (medium)

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A collage of images from my travel photo archive
Some images may have been published earlier.

*Entrancement: A newly minted meaning for an existing word used here to describe a gathering of images of more than four doors. (Thanks, Andrew!)


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@maja1940 Thank you. I hope yours is great, as well.


Wow @jerrys and again, WOW. Thank you for sharing that with us. Stay safe my friend and have a nice weekend. ;o)))


@olando Of course! And if you're crazy you can be part of an entire ward at the looney bin! I hope you can find your English door. Good luck hunting, stay safe and well.


@Bupkus That's pretty much what Andrew and I thought! It's nice and tidy to have a single-word collective descriptor.

An exaltation of larks; a murder of crows; an entrancement of doors...why not?


Am I crazy if I say that an old door can be breathtaking? I have often been standing at a door with a wow:-) I have photographed many doors, and there is one I'll never forget. It was many, many years ago in Devon or Cornwall. If I can find it and scan it to my pc, I'll make a puzzle.


@Andrew2 Discovering what's behind such wonderful doors on occasion, piques curiosity about what others hide! Occasionally street-side doors open a bit for a tantalizing peek! I am thinking back on such discoveries in the French Quarter of New Orleans where austere walls along the street hide wonderful garden courtyards from the public eye. When built, displays of wealth were frowned upon, perhaps it was the same world-wide across the centuries. Thanks for the anecdote, my friend.


We came across a beautiful studded oak door in Malcesine in northern Italy while on holiday there and it has a fascinating story. It is the entrance to the palazzo that was home to the appointed “Captain of Lake Garda” and although the door is on a busy street it leads on to a lovely little garden that overlooks the lake with magnificent views in either direction. Great place for a holiday and from there you can visit Verona and Venice.


@Isaly Thanks, Cindi. Glad you are enjoying them. Stay safe and well.


@Andrew2 Thanks, as always, my friend. We're on the same wavelength in our wondering about who lives and lived behind doors. I sometimes have to be prodded to move along when staring at a particularly fascinating one! Glad you liked this entrancement.


Love all of the doors....


Thanks Jerry, these doors were a pleasure to sort out, I would love to say that I was entranced as I worked the puzzle but I kep wondering what the inside was like and who lived in these houses. Great puzzle, thanks.