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Dorus in his garden

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My best friend has a lovely garden and Dorus enjoys it very much too!
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  4. Impie2:07
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Thank you, Nan....yes, I do think you are right about that....:)

Hello, Sherry. Yes, Dorus is very handsome, thank you. I guess it's the lighting in this photo, because both Dorus' eyes are golden/yellow and they match perfect with his orange markings! He's such a sweet boy. I'll post a close up of him too, there you can see the beautiful colour of his eyes better!:)

Thank you, Nancy, Dorus was also on his way down the steps to "mark" and "water" his plants:))) (my friend's lovely garden is on a lower level from her patio and next to the steps she has plants growing in a sloping way... (I'll add a photo to give you an impression)

We always do phone each other several times a week, but visiting each other is so much more fun....but it didn't happen for a long are crazy times:-))

Thank you, Ella. His beautiful tail is of good normal length, he just held it in a curve in the other photo.:))

Thanks all, I hope you all stay well and safe! ♥☺♥


Oh, gemstone, if that's the case I'll worry less as I approach 75 next month and my son and daughter are in their later 40s. Course it is statistics and there is always the opportunity for regression to the mean in subgroups. LOL


Haven't made it to 75 yet, but working on it and hope to make it there. :)


@canoekaw @thurman Our five o'clock news today showed that of the active Covid cases 52% of the people are under 40. Only 9% of the cases are over 75.


He is one good looking kitty boy! His tail looks long here, but in the other photo it looks short. I guess It was just the way he was holding it.


Hello Dorus! Are you leading the way into the garden? Looks like a lovely spot, Impie. Delighted to hear your friend and Dorus are doing well in these crazy times. ♥ :-)


Hello, Impie! You certainly have interesting and attractive kitty friends! Dorus is so handsome. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but is Dorus an odd-eyed cat? I think I see a yellow eye on his right and a blue eye on his left. No matter, it just makes him that much more handsome! Thanks for sharing Dorus with us, Impie. Sherry


Fortunately that survival of the fittest attitude doesn't seem to be the case in our area, probably because we are all old but I have seen it as well. I think it will be interesting when we who are being very careful and responsible watch the "fittest" succumb to their folly. I wonder who they will expect to take care of them?


Yikes, Marilyn....the old Darwinian "attitude" from folks who did not understand Darwin's point.


@gemstone I am so glad you are taking care of yourselves and limiting contact. I wish everyone would do so. I did not work the election polls today as I can not risk contracting corona virus. I had no idea how careful they would make the polling places. I worried more about voters who are of the opinion it is no big deal. Some people think everyone should be exposed, those who live recover, and those that don't die. Some people are horrid.


isn't it wonderful and amazing how kitties come in and out of our lives as though the sequence was 'meant to be'? Dorus is quite handsome!


Thanks, Faye, I gave him a hug from you both ♥♥♥ He's such a sweet boy!

I'm sorry you have had trouble with a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. We too had a leaking pipe and a u-bend replaced end of last year. I filled in the request online at our 'rental company' and within 2 days one of their workman came to fix it (for "free") a small amount for a service contract is included in my monthly rent payment.
Luckely I haven't needed them for anything lately, but I know they do have strict rules for home visits now too....


It's good to see you again, Pretty Boy. ❤️❤️❤️

I'm late today. The pipe under the kitchen sink started leaking during isolation so I have been using dishpans and dumping the water down the toilet as we didn't want anyone in our suite during the pandemic. Well, we found an excellent plumber and he's quick and wears a mask and gloves so we booked him in today. It turns out the u-bend wasn't just leaking, the pipes were cracked as well...being on the river, our building "settle" so I guessed that helped the pipes along. Our sprayer is also broken and as it is 25 years old, he couldn't fix it so he recommended a new, all-in-one faucet sprayer. But that means another visit in 4-6 weeks. :( Oh well, it will be great to use the sink again. I've sprayed the counter and under the sink with Lysol so I'm waiting for the smell to diminish before I go in to wash everything down.


Yeah, nillie, Dorus is a happy kitty and they are both lucky to have found each other!♥
We haven't had a rainy day.... on the contary we had a sunny and warm day. This is the bird spa my friend put at the bottom of the steps for the birds to drink and bathe....though Dorus also drinks from it :-)))
Thanks and good night♥♥


Thank you, thurman, he's a handsome boy! My friend is a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Hospital (Dierenambulance) where she met Dorus 2 years ago and also took care of him amongst other kitties. He knew how to sell himself but she already had a Toxedo kitty named Blacky who didn't allow other kitties in his home, so if Dorus would've recovered and ready for adoption it wasn't an option to take him too. Then in July Blacky suddenly got very ill and was gasping for his breath so she rushed him to the Vet and it turned out his lungs were full of cancer cells....she decided to let him go. 6 Weeks later Dorus was ready for adoption and she took him home and they hopefully will live happily ever after for a long time to come☺

Thank you, Anne, Yes, he looks great and he's such a sweet boy! I hadn't seen him since my friend's birthday (31 December) but he was very friendly like I last saw him yesterday! ♥
My friend is doing OK, thank you for asking. Due to the Corona rules she only started last week at the Dierenambulance again. The schoolbus she also volunteers has still holiday for another 4 weeks, so now she goes to the Dierenambulance twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays! She's a busy bee so to speak.!:))


It's always nice to see happy kitties, and surely Dorus is lucky to be one of this group. Thanks Impie and good night♥♥
p.s. Seems that you had a rainy day...


Oh, Dorus! You are looking really great! I'm glad you're enjoying your lovely garden. And I love your tail....still. Impie, he's really looking is your friend doing?


Dorus is a very unique boy. Is he new?

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