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Cat shaming series

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Some weird kind of litter from the look of it. :)

I agree with the cat and what is in that litter box anyway?----------------Molly

Thanks, ThomasCat. You put it very well. :)


Yes, I feel sorry for this little cat because its owner is not thinking very clearly. I would like to ask the owner....'Would you like to eat your dinner sitting beside the toilet....that has been used and the lid is up?'

Think Soot needs a little help here. Maybe a human with some common sense.


I agree with everyone he is saying move it away from my dinner thanks YO☺☺

Not bad kitty, Hjalmar, bad bad owner for not taking better of what looks like a normal cat...


Bad kitty!


Soot's way too laid back about his living conditions! His humans should be shamed. Many cats would have scooted that box across the floor and shoveled it out as a warning. ツ


Oh, poor Soot! Dumb human!



Oh, that's right! Good one YO. -- Carol

Cats aren't animals, they are gods. :)


This set up is if humans would dine in the bathroom..Poor cat being treated like an animal..❤️❤️

That's filthy litter right beside his food? jury would ever convict him...I'm amazed that she has not got enough human shame and is posting this picture...shame, shame, shame on you!!! ...


I guess some humans are harder to train than others. :)

Very true!


Trouble is that the human involved probably isn't smart enough to figure it out.

Just showing the human a better place to put the litter box. :)


Right, ThomasCat, and also, it looks like pebbles...he doesn't like his litter!


Cats are so fastidious.....their litter box should never be this close to their food!

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