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Alfie is soooo tired.

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  1. rmarshak4:51
  2. cihil6:19
  3. Tinsel156:35
  4. spudulike6:47
  5. kazrbs7:29
  6. LazyGirl7:41
  7. talula8:22
  8. zhouzhou8:35
  9. noetje8:39
  10. greenie8:58


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It's ruthmorrill504 again - sorry, I mis-typed. Hoover has hydrocephalus, not hydroplasia. Sorry!


This is ruthmorrill504 responding to your question about my Hoover. I don't have the hang of this site yet - I don't know how to email people back to answer questions. I'm not on Facebook - maybe that's how people do it. I'm frequently electronically challenged. Anyway, Hoover is a Lhasa Apso. He is a rescue, and about 2 years old now. I discovered that he is a Special Needs dog - he has hydroplasia in his brain, so essentially he is mentally and developmentally challenged. he is also blind because of it. But he is so cute, and fortunately has a mild case of this, so he doesn't have seizures. He just loves to stretch out on his bed and nap. He gets along well with my other dog Kelly, a German Shepherd mix, but my Chihuahua, Champ, is very possessive of me and doesn't tolerate Hoover around too much.
Is Alfie your own dog? He is adorable! What breed is he? It is such a coincidence, because my niece has two rescued dogs, and the male is also named Alfie!


Alfie found a great place to rest. She looks so comfortable. She's adorable. Thanks, spud.

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