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Louie, the most loveable cat you could ever know.
Total strangers could come in the house and sit on the couch, and he'd immediately jump up and want to _lie_ in their lap.
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  1. ConfusedMeh0:36
  2. KatieZn0:38
  3. Ianto0:39
  4. togocat0:39
  5. maryoz20140:40
  6. Cuse690:40
  7. ashanhu0:41
  8. Slygirl0:42
  9. racoon0:42
  10. Lhara0:43


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However, still looking well at my cat ... she has white socks ... otherwise they look almost the same (if I don't think about the fact that mine is a female).


Un tres beau chat!





What a stunningly beautiful cat.


He looks like a perfect stuffed kitty! Too perfect to be real. Glad you didn't leave............


KarolM - thanks, he's a purebred Himalayan. :)


Beautiful Cat! Inside and out! Do you know his breed Racoon? He sure does look like he might be part Rag Doll. Rag Dolls are known for their affectionate personality. Thanks for sharing your cat with us.




twigstories - I don't think it's the breed that matters so much, but how they were treated as kittens.

If you look closely, you'll see that his eyes don't look the same in this photo. The left one is not as open as the right eye. That's because Louis was blind in his left eye. As a very small kitten he was injured in an accident, in which he suffered a concussion and his left eye was injured.

He almost didn't make it, and was in the animal hospital for over a month. When we finally got him back, we had to isolate him from our other cat, and so he was kept in a cage in a separate room for several months. At first we had to hand feed him, and he was only out of the cage during feedings, or when one of us held him while the other cleaned the cage and changed the towels we put in the bottom of the cage so he had something soft to lie on.

I don't recommend putting any cat through something like that, but holding them a lot when they are very young, and even hand feeding them at times allows them to bond with you, which I believe makes them a 'friendlier' cat.


I would say when things get yucky, just look at this dear little face Louie turns up to you and know you're the best and all is right with your world. So glad you are back!!!!


After submitting a complaint through the support request form and receiving a reasoned response from Stefan, I am back.

I hope to post some new puzzles tonight.
Thank you all for your support.

Raccoon, please don't go away. There will always be some who enjoy confronting others without any logical reason. Pick our own battles and ignore the nitpickers.

Glamor boy, plus being a snuggle bug. Makes him irresistible. He can visit here whenever he likes .

And so do I !!!


Sorry, I didn't think my first comment went, so tried again, now he's twice as lovely


Raccoon, Let it go, you just can't please some people. I think he's a lovely cat too.


Raccoon, let it go, you can't please some people, I think he's a lovely cat too.


Or should that be "And there was I"??
Maybe with just the one "?"


Whaddya mean, extended break?!!
And there I was, trying to help......


lelabugosi - thank you oh-so-much for dropping by to heap more abuse upon my head.
Oh wait.
Should that be "on my head" or "upon my head"?
I could wait for the grammar police to stop by (again) and add more negative comments about my inability to clearly, or at least grammatically, express myself.

Instead, I've decided it's time for me to take an extended break from jigidi.
I may be back some day; until then, you're on your own.

"...and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"


"thank you FOR your comment"......HEE-HEE!


Momkath - I'm sorry, I didn't realize spelling and grammar counted in solving puzzles.
But thank you your comment.

Lie in their lap, please.


What a pretty fellow! :)

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